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August 23, 2009


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Isn't Abraham the best? I'm so happy I added it to my garden this year too. I'm thinking I may move mine a little to closer to where I can smell it easier. Your lobelia is looking great, they just have the most vibrant color of red to them.


Ah come on, we all have bad decisions too and understand. But those two decisions are nice ones for sure. I went on a pond garden tour yesterday and it was so fun! Makes me want a big pond now. Mine is but a cast iron bathtub-but I love it. I also like that sylvestis. I have a few that grow like this and I leave them alone too. The smell at night and its strong presence at all times is welcomed so I'm glad you left yours.


Kathleen .. that rose is awesome girl !
This is the first year that I didn't have a lobelia like that .. and I miss it .. how did I over look that one I wonder.
But .. even though my Maypop has had just the one flower .. I am happy to see how far it did grow and that my gorgeous Zephirine Drouhin also is mingling in at the same height.
Fingers crossed your Maypop will do this next year for you girl !


Ohhh that rose is gorgeous and so is your Lobelia standing so tall. Well, are we making a comeback? I'm trying - did 1 more post this week (making 2) than the last month. LOL You're coming back much faster than I am.


Isn't it funny how plants just appear? And most of them seem so healthy even without our help. The nicotiana is really beautiful. I saw them blooming at the Idea Garden today and thought I must have some next year.

Also on my list, thanks to you is the Abraham Darby rose! I must have it. :) Gorgeous pictures of it-I can almost smell the scent through the computer screen. :)


I imagine the butterflies and hummingbirds love that lobelia. Maybe they wait until you are not looking-- then they descend upon it!
I would show off that rose every post!!


I would never have guessed seven feet tall;) So glad you showed the foliage on the Nicotiana sylvestris. Hadn't realized the leaves were so large. I have some ordered and your photo will help me decide where to locate it.

Sweet Bay

Abraham Darby is just gorgeous! Beautiful photos.

Tobacco can pop up unexpectedly, can't it? I have some growing under my front porch!

Sweet Bay

PS In fact those pictures are so beautiful I'd frame them and put them on the wall!


There are gardeners who would rip that nicotiana right out! I am not one of them! It looks fine to me and having messed with one and killed it...I say Let it Be! They do require a certain amount of space in a garden;)

Abraham Darby is beautiful.'ve photographed him I must figure out how to get a whiff of his perfume. gail

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