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August 09, 2009


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Sweet Bay

I don't have Monarda 'Purple Stocking' -- I have 'Claire Grace' instead -- but I think I may have to get Purple Stocking just for the name. Great capture of the Sphinx Moth. I have not even attempted to photograph one of those. They wait to emerge when it's pretty much dark. They are such delightful moths, with their graceful oscillating flight patterns, complete lack of skittishness, and great big eyes.

Jan (ThanksFor2Day)

What a nice photo of sphinx moth! I haven't seen that variety, I don't think. It's really an interesting looking insect! Purple stocking is a pleasing shade, and it's tough to see it's bloom time coming to an end, I am sure. I have so many bees on my monarda and other 'lovelies'! At first it seemed like bees weren't coming around much...then they suddenly showed up...and it's wonderful to see them!


Love that bee balm and even though not a hummingbird-it's a good substitute.

Teresa~Gardening with Soule

Bee Balm is such a great flower. It lasts so long and those bees are happy as clams out there. I too am awaiting hummingbirds. How they could miss my hummingbird magnet flowers, I don't know. Eventhough the beebalm is fading, their beauty will stay with me for a long time. Your pictures are great!


ooohhh pretty!! Love the purple bee balms.


I love bee balm. I'm always trying to find room for another one. I have some that's finished and some that hasn't bloomed yet at all. Hope the hummingbirds find yours before it's gone.

Shady Gardener

Hi Kathleen, Great photos. What do you think of the Canon PowerShot SD890IS 10MP Digital Camera?


Hey, nice to hear from you and thank you for the compliment on the container. Your fuschia container is also quite enviable! I am enjoying the bee balm also although I have raspberry wine as the most vigorous grower and the hummingbirds are fighting over it.


This may be one of those plants that I wish would bloom most of the summer! It's gorgeous, the bees and butterflies adore it and well, it photographs so nicely, too;-) Portrait mode, hmm! Must look into learning the ropes of my camera! This is a lovely flower but it looks even better with the black portrait background! gail


That's a fantastic shot of the sphinx moth! Love that white eyeliner :)
Monarda blooms are gone much too soon, aren't they? I keep meaning to prune a few earlier in the season, so they'll bloom later and extend the season. Forgot again this year.
The hummers really love this flower, don't they? They zip around my red monarda, especially, like crazy! I hope you get to enjoy a few more of our little friends before the end of the season. They're gone much too soon.

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