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August 28, 2009


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Hi Kathleen, I'm very partial to pink and I love pink and most other color combinations. The dahlia is really nice.

I have American Highbush Cranberry (too lazy to look up the botanical name) which is supposed to be a favorite of birds. Not. The pretty red berries are still hanging on every spring. Pretty but not what I would have liked.


Those berries are most beautiful and that viburnum must be an awesome cultivar.


That is a fancy dahlia for sure! Love the colors! Nice berries!

Shady Gardener

Hi Kathleen! Great looking berries. How fun to be watching your over-indulgent birds. :-) I need to tour the outdoors. Guess I'll do that right now!


Gorgeous berries! And I love the soft dreamy colors on the Dahlia.

Teresa~Gardening with Soule

That is a great dahlia. Very soft and delicate looking. That is a fat robin. Those berries must be yummy.


Kathleen girl that dahlia is gorgeous ! .. Our Robinator ate almost every berry from our newly planted Serviceberry in the Spring .. we could not believe how he did that ! I think he was either drunk or had a bad belly ache after he did .. serves him right since we never got a chance to try them out ourselves !! haha
I took out my viburnum because it had such a problem with aphids .. but yes .. those berries are so pretty and now I miss seeing them?
We can never be quite satisfied can we ?
.... and no ... no other flowers on my Maypop vine .. loads of foliage though .. so I hope this means it will survive our winter ;-)


Oh yes, that dahlia is worth the trouble of overwintering.

I hope the time with your mom is fun and the weather is good for you.

Sweet Bay

Ha, that robin does look rather (extremely) large.

Both the raspberry and the dahlia look yummy. That dahlia is truly special.

Nicole Anderson

You can always send those raspberries to me! I am a sucker for ANYTHING raspberry! Shower gel, gum, candy, anything, but of course the best raspberries are the real ones!!

Love your pics as usual, Lady!
Hugs, Nicole

Hilary Kanwischer

Oh those raspberries look especially yummy!!! Gorgeous photos as always Kathleen! :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. :) Have a great week.


Those berries look mighty delicious Kathleen. I'm sure the birds appreciate all the goodies growing in your garden. :)


I hope I have that berry beauty to look forward to! I just planted a Doublefile Viburnum a few weeks ago. It's tiny now, but I'm really looking forward to it's growth! Yes, my thunbergia is Blushing Susie. I thought it would never bloom, but it finally did. The flowers come in several different rosy shades.


I have a fun Meme for you to try, stop by my blog. :)


We're picking black berries like gang busters out here. I got 8 jars of jam made earlier and still some left. Loads still to be picked too!

The robins also loved our choke cherries. I even had enough to make some choke cherry jelly this year. We left the top 1/2 of the tree for the birds to eat.

Alice Golden

ooh, I love raspberries! are they easy to grow? I have a spot in my yard that I've been thinking about trying some berry bushes...I know I would need a lot extra as the birds and squirrels can't seem to get enough of my strawberries :) I wonder if they will like raspberries as much? Glad you had a nice visit with your mom.

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