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July 20, 2009


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Tyra in Vaxholm

Sounds like you have had great fun Kathleen! Welcome home
xoxo Tyra


Love the pale pink! I thought it was a rose until I really looked at the leaves. Hollyhock is a plant that is a constant battle to grow here. The leaves are skeletonized before the blooms ever appear. Then the Japanese beetles finish off the flowers. Hollyhocks are one of the plants I would dearly love to grow. They have that old fashioned charm that looks perfect in informal gardens. Yours are outstanding.

Nancy Bond

Oh, they are lovely! Hollyhocks remind me (again) of my uncle's end of his house was lined with the single bloomers in every colour imaginable. Your doubles are outstanding!


Your pictures are beautiful, as always.

I'm glad that you're blogging again, I missed you!!!


How pretty Kathleen! Those doubles are great!


Those hollyhocks are awesome. I never seen prettier ones ever!

Jackie (Ellie Mae's Cottage)

So beautiful! Hollyhocks are one of my favorites flowers! The ones you have are gorgeous. The pictures are post card beautiful! :) -Jackie


Lucky you to have such delightful hollyhocks! The double apricot looks lovely from any angle! Btw, Welcome back...gail


They are very pretty. I had a double at one time in my yard, but it's since disappeared. I love all the angles you caught.
BTW I have some of those frilly pink columbine seeds saved for you. You can email me from my blog and let me know if you'd like some. :)


Welcome back Kathleen. They are beautiful and I agree that first one is just lovely and does remind me of a Peony too, which I love.
The reason time went by like the speed of light is called eight and thirteen year olds. I get tired just thinking about it! LOL Although I adore having my grandsons over I must admit to collapsing the minute they are gone!
I am trying to catch up on visiting too as I haven't been on much the last couple of weeks. Gardening, heat, you name it has kept me pretty low key on here lately. The other things that keep me collapsed besides grandsons. LOL I'm a bit concerned about the 3 digit temps they are talking about for next week.


So glad you enjoyed your week. Even though it was tiring, I am sure you made some wonderful memories for those 2.

Your hollyhocks are stunning! I like both the single and the doubles, but these are glorious. Thanks for the great eye candy.


Those are gorgeous hollyhocks Kathleen ! I wish I could have them here but the years I did .. well "rust" was a terrible problem.
I think I told you I had to take my passion flower vine out of the pot and plant it in the raised bed by the deck ? .. well it is climbing the deck rails like crazy now .. I am really wondering what is going to happen over the winter and will it come back ??? LOL

Sweet Bay

I LOVE your hollyhocks. They are absolutely gorgeous!

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