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July 09, 2009


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Tyra in Vaxholm

Lovely I would love to have a Mr. Darby too, he is gorgeous!

xoxo Tyra


Hi Kathleen, I love Abe, the fragrance and those lush blooms. I'm partial to pink too, any shade. The recurved petals on the lily are so graceful. That's what I like best about them.

I have had zero luck with the pink and yellow colored coneflowers. White Swan, Mangus and the species are all I've managed to overwinter here.


I agree that orange and pink look pretty together! I love the Tiger lily! I think Abraham is the best too, really my favorite plant this year. Now I wish I planted him closer to where I could smell him.
I wouldn't be too surprised about the goldfish.
I've had some that all lived and others that only one survived. Sometimes I think it's just their health when you get them. Some people quarantine new fish before adding them to pond that already have fish. I've never done this and had no problems. I think the "feeder" goldfish tend to be the unhealthiest so those I probably wouldn't add right to the pond.


Hi Kathleen,
I think that orange and pink thing is an old myth... on your coneflower it is very hot, hot!

And you go right ahead and go on and on about Abraham... I can see why you would... it is a gardener's delight to have a plant you cherish in every way.

The tiger lily is just exquisite.

Shady Gardener

Yea! Lots of color over there! My tiger lilies are about ready to bloom (I also call them Turks Cap lilies)! My Butterfly Milkweed is going strong. I do not have that beautiful rose (go ahead, rub it in!) nor the fish. I'd bring home a couple more fish and incubate them (in an aquarium?) first.


Orange is such a great color in the heat of the summer. I say yes on adding more fish. They'll adapt.

Mary Beth

I love your orange and pink combos - does that echinacea have pink stripes along the petals? so pretty! Your hot colors are perfect in this hot weather, aren't they? I wonder if I planted more blues and whites, I would feel a little cooler?


Orange is the color of this month for sure. Lots of it blooming in my gardens too. I have the Sunset coneflower and love it. And my butterfly weed is in it's 2nd blooming now-but like you no butterflies?? Great pictures of all, and especially the rose. I don't blame you for visiting it often. :)


I love orange and pink together, and see this combination all the time with zinnias and let's not forget daylilies...The Tiger Lily is a the recurved petals...BTW, I so totally agree, that AD is a fantastic rose and it's perfectly fine to talk about him when ever he has a gorgeous bloom. gail


hi Kathleen, isn't is interesting how different times of day will change the colors of our blooms? Your Tiger Lily is just great.


Orange is predominant in my garden this time of the year too. Looks like you have some beautiful choices, love that Echinacea. Pretty!


You can talk all you want about your Abraham Darby, and I won't complain one bit. It's so pretty. I checked our local nursery, no sales on roses as of yet.
For your pond, I'd let it go for a while if I were you, make sure the ones present are still OK before adding more.

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