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June 25, 2009


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That baby bunny is sure cute. A little bit of damage is okay, but if they multiply and really decimate the garden, uh uh, got's to go!

Love the lilies. I had planted 'Dolly Madison' from bulbs but it never materialized. Bummer. Those bright colors are great.


Who knew that 10 minutes in the garden could reveal so much activity! Great shots today Kathleen, glad the bunnies haven't become a burden. ;)


Your close up shots of the lady bug are great!! Love that Lollipop lily. I can do without bunnies, babies or grown...SCAT!!


Your lilies are beautiful. I like the red, it has less orange than mine, not sure what cultivar mine is.

We have so many of the Asian lady beetles in this area. They bite so I can testify to the fact that they could chomp down an aphid very easily.



Hi Kathleen, all that in only ten minutes? You are a master of time and space, and the camera! Dolly Madison is just the kind of show off girl that would find a good home in the Fairegarden. I will put her on the list. Lollipop is here already, along with many others, but Dolly really caught me eye. Good deal on the primulas too. The ladybug closeups are amazing! :-)


That was a well spent 10 minutes!


I have seen lots of bunnies on various posts. We have one also. How is your pond coming along. I received some yellow snowflake from a friend and in my effort to save it I killed it but was so happy to see a bit of it had survived on its own. What was I thinking!


You saw a lot in 10 minutes! The ladybug pictures are amazing!
I was on a lily kick 2 years ago too. I think I just wanted to smell them in my own garden. I guess it's okay to grow things just because they are pretty :)
I'm going to look for Lollipop next spring.

Shady Gardener

Kathleen, Love your lilies and wildlife! I just purchased a new lily today. Wish I could remember the name - I haven't recorded it in "the book" yet. It's going to be gorgeous though. I saw several blooming yesterday. I had to return to purchase it today. ;-)


Wow, you got a lot of bang for your 10 minutes! I love the color mix on your lilies and I also love your philosophy with regard to the bunnies. The one pictured is adorable! Does he go for the carrots?


Kathleen .. I still didn't get those pictures of my Maypop up yet .. it has been that sort of few days with me .. but I am going to get there girl !
Those are gorgeous lily .. I'm still waiting for mine and being disgusted with the beetle damage ... eeuuuuwwww !!!!!


Kathleen, Ten minutes is more then enough to help us breath deeper and relax...You had a delightfully productive ten minutes and thank you for sharing the loveliness you saw...I usually only plant fragrant lilies but Dolly M is beautiful. Have a sweet weekend, hope you get more time in the garden~~gail


Echium is unbelievably beautiful!
Asiatic lilies' blooms last so long, this is one of the reasons I love them! Kathleen, your photographs are great, I mean it!


Beautiful Kathleen, maybe my Lily I showed today is Lollipop it looks like yours. I love your Echium Amoenum - beautiful! You did great for 10 minutes. I seem to only find 10 all week that's why I haven't been around anywhere just hate that I miss everything but have been gardening and have grandsons. I've found out that as I get older 'Wonder Woman I ain't' no more! (Great english too). ;-)

Dragonfly Lady

I love your photographs especially those of the lady bugs.

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