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June 12, 2009


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Hi Kathleen, I think your veggies are looking great. Hey it's your first time and looking that good I think they'll produce great veggies for you. We're big veggie planters here too. I bought 2 Tomato plants and a Zucchini. Bob only likes fried green Tomatoes. We planted an extra one because Dad has been sick and really likes growing his tomatoes so we'll get extras for him and Mom.
Glad to see your camera is taking great pictures still after it's bath and I know what ya mean about being without it for a week. Kind of like losing a limb huh?


Never heard of a sensor but I bet you can clean it no problem. My camera is a five year old easy share camera and you know the more I own, the more I love it. Nothing fancy but it is reliable for what I need it to do. It's a part of me now too like your camera. So glad yours is fine!

It seems everyone's veggies are slow this year. I know mine are. I was shocked to see I actually have a tomato or two. Usually there are more but not sure what it is. Love your artichoke.


Love the trellis, I can envision if smothered in beautiful vines. Your photos are wonderful, sad camera or not.


Hi Kathleen, your veggies look good and I think your camera is still doing well. Clean the sensor? Interesting concept! I will have to look into that with mine. !?!?!


Hang in there with the veggies Kathleen. I know how you feel, after being an ornamental gardener for 20 years it was humbling to attempt veggies. :)

Heather Lollar

My veggie garden is at a stand still because all of this rain. The tomatoes seem to be fine, but everything else hasn't grown hardly at all in two weeks! YAY for the sun! Isn't that why we MOVED to Colorado? Hee hee. So glad your camera seems to be fine! About the Red Birds in a Tree. Planted it last year and I think I need to transplant it where it has more sun because it hasn't done much this year. I also have it planted at my nursery's garden and they're HUGE.

Jan (ThanksFor2Day)

You are doing great, Kathleen! Doing something for the first time is always risky, but mostly exciting! I hope you get some good results...but if not, it's a good experience for you! I didn't know anything about cleaning a sensor, either. Hmm, now you've got me curious, too! I have a Nikon D40-X slr, so will definitely look into this as well!! Good luck w/yours!


Your garden is looking great. Love that tuteur. I think our veg garden will be a humbling experience for us also this year. Oh well, live and learn for next year, right?


Kathleen...Exciting news about the vegetable garden and the camera! I love the tuteur and with thunbergia climbing on! I have heard about cleaning the sensor...Good luck, if anyone can do can!



Our veggies are going fairly slow too. I can't believe what people are already picking in other gardens. I hope you get lots of artichokes, that should be fun to see. I love your tuteur, that's the type of thing l like in my garden too.


Kathleen, I had to smile when I read about your veggie garden. Goos for you! We all can do a little more if we jsut try. I think your veggies, although small, look very healthy. A little eun and some good warm days and they will grow quickly.

Good news about your camera, but where is the sensor??


Kathleen girl ! I love the pyramind obelisk (I can't find spell check on hubby's computer AGAIN !) .. I have a couple of those type of obelisk and I try to add to them every year , they are wonderful for vertical interest .. and I bet that Susan vine will be awesome girl !
I have to post pictures of my Passion flower vine .. it is actually growing now .. how are yours doing ?

Shady Gardener

Hmmmm.... cleaning sensors. If you are supposed to do it, you should! ;-) I'm glad to hear your camera is in good shape. I love the obelisk/tuteur. It's very sturdy and has great eye appeal. :-) Happy Day!

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