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June 11, 2009


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Kathleen I think your pictures look fantastic but you see them everyday, study them and see the flaws where others may not. I hope it's working great by now.
I did a stupid the other day too. Went clear up at the edge of the property to do a few things and water some harder to reach (with the hose) areas. I took my camera too. Watered then went to take a picture and realized my camera was wet. Apparently a breeze or overspray whatever it was wet. I didn't even wait for it to dry just wiped it off and clicked. It was ok. But I'll need to watch for anything different it might be doing. It'll be hard to tell as it was starting to act different before the bath - old age I guess.


My friend...I can't tell any thing different in your photos...they look crisp and the colors appear just as lovely as always. It matters what you see! If they appear less then you would like..Could you bear to send it into the shop to get it back up to factory specs? You might miss the camera for a week, but knowing it was working 100% might be just the thing.

...and I know how you feel...when I plopped on the stairs and heard my new camera hit the steps...I was ill!



It's performing wondrously. I tell you Kathleen, this is something we all do! Usually I forget about it until the next day. As such with a cordless phone and of course it rained. Once the phone dried out it worked. Whew! So very happy your camera is fine! Get some sleep tonight. I promise you won't ever do it again:)


I don't know, the photos look great to me. I can just imagine how you feel. I take my little camera everywhere with me, hate to be without it. I think a little rainwater shouldn't hurt. Now, ocean salt water, that would be another matter.


Oh my Kathleen, that is heart stopping. I think your photos have come out fine and dandy. Thank goodness. Keep an eye on the camera when it gets hot, that any humidity still inside the camera could show up. Think the hairdryer helped really dry it out. yay!!


Hi Kathleen, heart stopping moments, I know how you feel. I left my purse in a shopping cart at PetSmart. What a hassle that was getting all new credit cards, driver's license, etc. Still hoping no identity theft results from my stupidity.

The second photo doesn't look as sharp as the first, just mho. Of course there could be a lot of reasons. Wait and see is about your only option. Good luck!


I'm sure you felt sick when you remembered. I think your photos still look great, hopefully it'll dry out and you'll feel like it's back to normal. But honestly I wouldn't have seen any difference, your pictures are always great.


I think all will be well Kathleen. Your macros are still crisp & gorgeous as always. :)


I know just how you felt. When I realized I had lost mine I was physically ill. But it looks like you did the right thing in drying it out. Seems to me to be working just as always-wonderful! Like you, I carry my camera everywhere and would be lost without it. I think your scare will make a lot of us more aware to be careful.


I can just imagine how sick that made you feel. I can get so distracted sometimes and I'm such a klutz, I just know one of these days I'll either drop my camera, (thinking it is strapped around my neck)or forget it somewhere.

Your pictures still look amazing to me.


Hi Kathleen, they say we learn from our mistakes. I think you were very lucky this time. Fjooo
The pics are great as always.

Have a great weekend/ Tyra

Heather Lollar

Electronics continue to amaze me. My son had his ipod washed AND dried in a pair of shorts and it works just fine. As for the pictures, they seem to be gorgeous, as always. Only you can be a fair judge, though.

Shady Gardener

I cannot compare those two photos as they were taken in different locations and different circumstances. However, both look wonderful to me. :-)

This is a completely understandable accident... I'm glad it wasn't YOU out in the rain all that time!!

Looking forward to your photos and posts, as ever. :-)


I think the pictures look great!

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