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May 25, 2009


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Your pond is looking have been busy and so has nature. Do you have a flat stone at the stone yard that might echo the colors of Colorado's native stones? gail


Kathleen, I must be living under a rock up here in the woods I had never heard of tuteurs or obelisks. But what you got is great and looks like something your vine will like to grow on. I just love your "Lady Margaret" passion vine. We keep trying to get a passion vine started that the neighbors gave Bob (he loves it)but I think he's putting it in the wrong places. Guess we'll give it another try. I'm going to have to look up the Astrantia major 'Ruby Wedding' you showed. It is just beautiful and in my color! Your pond looks super - you've done an excellent job on it! Your front terraced bed looks lush and wonderful! Well, go have fun planting and enjoy your day!


Those are some great finds Kathleen! Nobody ever has to twist my arm to go shopping at this time of the year either, lol. Good luck with your new plants and have fun planting seeds! ;)


Don't you just love being forced to shop for the garden :) I can never figure out the difference between tuteur and obelisk either, but I guess I've been right in calling the one in my garden a tuteur since it does have four sides. I love the one you found!
Your pond is looking great and it really is filling in around it. I was searching for tadpoles in my garden today and thought about your frog that you've already found. Hopefully he's sending word up here that I would like some frogs in our pond.


What an incredible passion flower! And thanks for the good idea. My passion flower is just sitting in the pot, because I couldn't figure out where to put another trellis. Well, I'll use an obelisk or a tuteur and just plant it right in the garden. Why didn't I think of that? LOL


I was just catching up on your blog and was entertained by the bird feeder with the oranges. All your creations are beautiful. I loved the garden box. And your pond is fun to watch come together. I never would have thought about the rocks to hold the plants down. I wondered about that.


Absolutely love your 'artifact'. How lucky to find one on sale this early in the season. This afternoon I'm visiting a couple greenhouses I seldom go to. Hope to stumble on some good finds.

Ruby Wedding is a lovely thing. I'll have to check around locally for that one.

Shady Gardener

What a wonderful find in that tuteur! I know you'll enjoy having that in your gardens. Thanks, too, for the peek at your pond. It looks great! :-) Have a great day!

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