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May 20, 2009


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Kathleen, Great find! He's exactly the kind of surprise visitor I want in the garden. I am not generally a primula fan, but Primula Vialli may make me one. I have never liked the clown pants colors of primulas...but this one is wonderful, and the flower form is much better, too. It's a perfect color for your garden. gail

Tyra in Vaxholm

Beauty and the beast! Ops I shouldn't say that, perhaps he is Prince.
You are a lucky girl Kathleen, do kiss him...come on please do.



Your primula is gorgeous, love the color together.

I was clomping around in the tall grass yesterday and almost stepped on your visitors cousin;) It always startles me when they hop out practically from under my feet.


Love your toad/frog.
Love that primula, too. I've had some but they never came back. I'll have to try again.


I am not a fan of "generic" primulas either Gail. I find them overly bright and maybe garish? If that's not too harsh. I love all the unusual ones tho ~ the candelabras, drumsticks, etc., that are so difficult to find.


That would be so fabulous if he were a prince Tyra! I shall kiss him for sure (if I can catch him) and maybe all my dreams will come true! ;-)


They startle me too Marnie. Usually I flush them out when I'm watering. They don't seem to like the spray from the hose but this one sure was loving the overspray from the goldfish spitter.


uh oh. If it didn't come back for you Victoria, maybe I'll lose it too. :-( That would make me sad. It does get mulched well tho ~ maybe that will help???


Awesome toad! I know just how happy you are. I am sure there will be many more residents taking their spots as time goes on. That primrose is pretty neat for sure.

Shady Gardener

What a great toad! He's of a good size, too. I caught sight of a little fellow in my front garden yesterday. It gives me the warm fuzzies to see them! I purchased one of these primulas last Spring, but it didn't thrive. I will have to see if I can find another, as it's a beauty! The other variety I purchased did make it and they bloomed this Spring. I'll post a photo before long, as it's completely different from this one. You've enjoyed a happy day! :-)


I flip over that primula every time I see it in a mail order catelog then I go shopping at a nursery and they don't have any. I'm going to have to start doing mail order. Seeds and I don't get along - although I sprinkled all those packages I bought this spring (before knowing we didn't get along). We'll see.
Love the frog. I'd be excited too. I don't have a pond but was really excited last year when one decided to live in a pot on my deck. I named him 'Clem' for Clem Kadiddlehopper - probably spelled wrong. And there's nothing I love more than to be driving along or to lay in bed and hear a nice choir of frogs serenading me!


I added a few of these Primrose to my woodland garden this year too Kathleen. Mine aren't blooming yet, do they prefer a moist or dry soil? Glad your water garden is attracting wildlife like Mr Toad. ;)


How lucky to have a frog already!! He looks so happy there! Tell him to send his Seattle area relatives here, I've been waiting 6 years for one :)
I love that primula, I'd love to try growing them. I wonder why it's not one that they have a nurseries, it seems that people would love them.

Northern Shade

How satisfying to see the more wildlife living in the garden. It's very attractive, in an amphibian sort of way, so I hope it finds a mate too. Perhaps you'll hear the pitter patter of splashing tadpoles.

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