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April 01, 2009


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Nancy Bond

She is extraordinarily beautiful, no matter what her name. :) Very pretty, and for what it's worth, I don't think you could have too many amaryllis!


You just keep pulling these beauties out of your hat Kathleen. :) I got a special sale catalog for some hardy (zones 6-9) Amaryllis that can be planted in the garden. I'm considering adding a few of these next fall. She's pretty regardless of her origins.


I love amaryllis. I overwintered three but none bloomed. I won't give up on them though. They all have nice leaves right now. Maybe next year I'll finally see some color.


I can think of worse things to be hooked on! Kathleen, she's a beauty...and having only one in my collection (is one a collection)...I can totally see their attraction! Now let me send you a bit of PPPP! Thanks for the lovelink! gail


I'd have a dozen if it wasn't for the cats. I like the color on that one.


OH this one is so yummy !!!
hugs, Cherry


Keep yours eyes open for that special white one with the stripes-it's bound to show up sooner or later.


It's still pretty, even if it was the wrong one :)

Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots

Just beautiful the way she is- I'm so glad you've continued showing your Amaryllis- I didn't plant any- so know that this gardener is very appreciative!

Northern Shade

You have done so well at having a steady parade of indoor forced blooms. Queen of Hearts (or a pretender to the thrown) is very pretty, even if she's not as stripey as you were anticipating.


Kathleen, you could shpw them from now til November and I wouldn'y mind. I love them, but never have much luck. :( I don't think it's apple blossom though-coloring isn't quite right. Like I would know!

Jan (ThanksFor2Day)

You have been given quite a show by this lovely lady, even if she does have the wrong dress on! It is the 'right' one for her in reality, because she looks awfully good in it! I'm glad you've been having such good luck w/your amaryliss plants. I love them too...I usually only have one at a time, but my neighbor keeps supplying me with a steady flow of them each Christmas.
It is frustrating sometimes when tags get mixed up, I know. I've had the same problem w/some of my outdoor perennials. People take them out, move them around...even the store workers end up having no clue if things are moved around enough!
Happy Spring to you and yours!


Hi Kathleen, what a beauty. Your photos are amazingly sharp. It doesn't even look like the same flower, but we know how the light changes things. You can show us all of these your heart desires and we will never tire of them. :-)

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