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April 27, 2009


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Well they look like good choices to me. We keep water lilies in our pond. We also keep cattails which is supposed to be a really bad idea. We like the water iris also. There are so many great water plants to choose from; have fun!


I love all of them. I'm going to look for the Pink Pons. I think I've grown the sedge before, a very long time ago. I think most plants will be fine if you keep them in their pot. I've found water celery will spread like crazy, so that's one I would avoid. I haven't had problems with any others.
The water plants are expensive. Water lilies are very expensive, which is why I have one and just keep dividing it.


They are all so pretty! I wish I could help you on what is good and what is not. I am not so good with ponds. My pond has no plants. Just water. No fish yet either as I am not sure I want more since something dined on mine. I love that Zebra rush. All of these will look great together.


Great choices Kathleen as far as I can see. However I've never grown pond plants so the only thing I know is that most of the floaters can be quite vigorous like water lettuce. I've seen some people contain them in their pots to keep them tamed. Since you plan on overwintering them indoors I figured you would probably be doing that anyhow. :)


Kathleen, Nothing to add to the mix that is helpful! But the plants you chose look great. I've heard that when you choose water lilies be sure to pick ones that will be open when you are going to be home to see them. The ones that open during the day often closed before he got home from work. This is very exciting to watch a water garden be 'planted' gail


I just read my comment and realized I accidentally deleted an entire sentence and in the process changed the she into a he! What I left out was info about attending a pond talk...I missed a portion of it because Tina (In The Garden) and I spent a few minutes talking outside! Have a splendid day. gail


I have no experience with ponds so can't help much. I know I would do the same thing. Collect plants that interest me and then get rid of the ones that don't do well or the ones that do so well they threaten the whole system. I don't know how large your pond is but my father has a smallish canna in his. (Don't add Houttuynia, I know that;)

Wildlife Gardener

That's a great collection you have invested in, Kathleen :)

When we did our two ponds we got advice from a guy in a Garden Centre. He told us to invest in lots of oxygenators to keep the ponds clean. It was excellent advice as we got a green algal bloom across our first pond two days after filling it!

We had to go out and but oxygenators quickly, and since our ponds are large, we had to spend quite a lot of money.

Perhaps you already know to do this? If not, go and invest in some pond oxygenators. After that, the snails, water beetles, frogs, toads and newts will find their own way to your pond...unless, you want to have which case, they will clean your pond for you :)

Good luck, Kathleen :) Our ponds are the jewel in the crown of our garden and keep us amused on a daily basis :)


Hi Kathleen, sorry taking so long to get here. The plants sound good except watch out for the pickeral though, it can take over the whole pond. Love that first rush but don't know about its aggressiveness.

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