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April 19, 2009


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Nancy Bond

Kathleen, your little pond is lovely! And the addition of the bird bath just makes it that much nicer. :) I don't think you need anything around the edge of your pond...or I'd at least wait to see how your plants fill in. :) Well done, and what a great buy!


Wonderful and exciting news! What a great deal on the preformed liner....way to power shop! You know you did a smart thing when the birds give you a vote of confidence! I love the plant and the macro shot! You have helped solidify my decision to get a water feature! I am thinking about the edges, why not a combo of plantings and rock. Are there small evergreen plantings that are not aggressive in your plant zone? Thank you! Gail


I love that birdbath in the pond. What a great idea! And to have robins already? Awesome. I say with the garlic plant, if it doesn't do well in its spot, it is a simple thing to move it out. I had to do this with cannas one year. Supposed to be happy in water, mine were not.


Hi Kathleen, your little pond is already giving you and the wildlife pleasure, what more could you ask for? I am curious about the plant though, for if it is Society Garlic, that is a xeric plant, not a water plant. Maybe someone had put it in the tub by mistake? Or they put it there to water it? I have to question it, it is barely hardly here in zone 7 also, if that is the same plant.


Oh my god Kathleen !! .. that is so cool you have a pond now and at what a price you paid for the structure ! .. I love that you have the birdbath in the middle there .. the birds really enjoy their BATHS girl ! .. You will be mesmerized for a very long time .. we had one in Holland in our private courtyard and we LOVED it : ) I know you are too happy to believe .. ENJOY IT girl !!


Oh goodness, so you don't know if it's a water plant or not? I'm afraid for its life ;). You'll have to keep us posted on the whole ordeal.

The pond is a good size for you and the wildlife. I like to hear the water splashing from the birds and the fountain. Did you mention fish?

$22 is a steal.


What a great deal on the pond!!! Sometimes there are good deals out there!! It looks great in the ground there. I love that the robin is already using it too! Something to think about too. You will need to clean it out at times so if you do plant around it make sure its something that is easy to get around so you can access the water(-: Just a thought! Have a great evening!
CiNdEeS' GaRdEn


That's a great deal you got on the pond Kathleen and I love the shape of it. Good job on the digging & removing of unwanted plants. That is the hard part I know. I'm sure your feathered friends will be happily splashing their hearts out daily. :)


It looks great. I love the birdbath idea! You will have so much fun with it, and the birds sure found it fast! I don't know anything about that plant, but like Tina said you can always move it out. If you did try flagstone you can easily move it if you need to clean it. Have fun!


I wondered what that splash of color was, I'm glad you told us it was a robin. I can see him now that I know what I'm looking at.

Your pond is off to a good start. That was a wonderful bargain!


congratulations Kathleen, it looks great and I can almost here the lovely sound of the water. I pond is really a great feature in the garden, I have been wishing for one too.
Beautiful macro :-)

xoxo TYRA


What a great deal on the pond! The birdies are gonna love you for that!

Shady Gardener

Kathleen, I'm so happy for you! I hope I can add a little more water this year. But, if not, maybe later. I can't put in a pond, although I have a little one in the rafters of the garage (from our other place. The new people didn't want it - can you imagine?) ;-) At any rate, we get SO many leaves ever Fall and Spring. But, if it comes to fruition this year, I'll be posting! :-)

Northern Shade

Your pond is already fitting into the space, and will be fun to plant. It will be fun to watch the water and wildlife. The bird knew just where to go for a good splash.

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