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February 18, 2009


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Hi Kathleen, Good morning. Your home makes me smile as I bet it is the nicest home in town with all your small touches. I wish I could be in the garden, too much going on, but usually I clean the birdhouses and nests as I can, no specific time. I would love to see a snake try to get a nest on the door. That must have been something. I have to say on my being patient, no, but time does pass and things come. I am kind of a gardener to let it all come I guess. Warm here, I hope everywhere. Have a super day.


I love your little wreath and basket. I'm just imagining a snake crawling up your door *shudder*
I have noticed the chickadees checking out the birdhouses. I know the one is empty since I just put it up last summer.

Nancy Bond

It's a bit too early and still too cold to be doing much of anything in the garden these days -- but if I had a lovely wreath like that, I'd certainly hang it. It's beautiful, and the little basket/nest holder is perfect!


I don't like the sound of snakes climbing the door, yikes:o

I cleaned out my birdboxes last fall. Thought maybe some chickadees might overnight inside them. Looks like one was used. I'm never sure if the birds will reuse a nest so I hesitate to dismantle a well made one.


Kathleen, There is nothing better then a pretty wreath that says spring on the door (well except for blooms in the garden). Lucky you to have a nest or two close by to watch the process...Clean up?...I am cleaning up the garden a little bit at a time. It's too early to remove the mulch, but the grasses have been cut and houses cleaned out. I did have a bluebird scouting the new bluebird box I put up over the winter holidays.

You do live out west! Snakes climbing up the door...We have them here, too...Nice friendly ones that take care of rodents!



Hi Kathleen, thanks for helping us get ready for spring. Our birds are mating also and house hunting. I hope they can find someplace they like to raise a family here. I cannot imagine a snake around my doorway! Yikes! The bird houses are cleaned out during early winter so they are ready to go now. It is exciting to see all the bird activity and listen to cacophony outside! :-)


I try to do some of this in the fall so that the birds have clean houses to build their nests in come spring. Your spring wreath is a great way to usher in the coming season. :)

Tessa at Blunders with shoots...

If those aren't the cutest little eggs ever! I love the spring wreath- just beautiful.


Your wreath shouts SPRING! And if we can't have it for real at least we can have the decorations. I would imagine the birds will be starting to look for nest sites soon so it's a good thing you put it up. I wish I could get some spring chores done, but still too cold and yucky. (we may get more snow in the next couple of days!)


I don't really have any nesting areas in my yard, but we do occasionally find gecko eggs tucked away in a little nook somewhere. Our last house had a nest one year that was perfectly located so that you could sit on the stairs inside and look out the window and see everything that was going on with all the little baby birds. Not quite as accessible as your door nest, but still fun to check in on.


I'll have to clean out our nest boxes when the weather warms up. I keep hoping for bluebirds but tree swallows hog them. They build their nests and then leave. It's very annoying.
How neat to have a nest in the little basket.
Your wreath is very springy :)


aww, Tina, what a nice compliment. I don't know about the nicest house in town but I do like to move things around and "decorate." Especially during the fall, winter & spring. Summer is harder since I'm out in the garden. It snowed here today so nothing outside was accomplished. I need to get out and cut my grasses back...


I know what you mean about the snake Catherine. I never know whether to shudder or be fascinated when I see them! They are harmless bull snakes so I try not to get alarmed. I hope you get a chickadee family in your birdhouse ~ that would be fun!


Thank you Nancy. It's too early and cold here for much else either. I think that's why I resorted to decorating. The warm days have been few and far between. Hopefully that changes soon.


That makes perfect sense Marnie (on the birds overnighting in the boxes during cold weather). I've always cleaned out the old nests because I've heard it's good to do so ~ gets rid of mites, and other pests that might re-infect a new family.


oh Gail, a bluebird! What a beautiful sight. I hope you get one in your box.
My snakes are usually harmless too ~ just bull snakes for the most part. I'm sure they've gotten many mice and I'm thankful for that.
It's too early to remove mulch here either but I should cut the grasses! Hopefully it will warm up soon so I can do that.


Yes it is exciting Frances. A sure sign of spring although sometimes they start nesting a bit early and I worry those babies will freeze!


I knew you would be all prepared Racquel! You're so industrious in the garden.


Thank you Tessa. Those eggs would have been cuter if they would have hatched! darn it.


It's cold and yucky here today too Beckie so I totally understand. We get one nice day then two cold ones it seems. The decorating helps me think spring even if it's not really here yet. I hope it warms up for both of us soon!


Gecko eggs would be really fun Dreamybee and nothing we could find here, that's for sure. Thanks for your comment and visit. I hope we both have nest building activites to watch soon.


Oh Kerri, that would be absolutely annoying ~ I wonder why they do that? Do you go out and clean the nests out so maybe the bluebirds could have another chance? or would the tree swallows just rebuild and leave again? The house sparrows always wanted to take our bluebird box and that would upset me.

Kylee from Our Little Acre

I try to clean the nest boxes out in the fall so they're ready to go whenever the birds are. I'm really hoping for a bluebird family this year!

Those eggs are interesting, with their spots only on the one end.

Kylee from Our Little Acre

I had to go look...

Maybe you already know this, but those eggs belong to a house finch. We have lots of house finches, but I've never seen their eggs! Very cool.


Smart thinking and planning Kylee. I'm going to make myself do that this fall too. I think having a bluebird choose a nestbox in your yard is a thrilling experience. I never got over it when we used to have the Mountain Bluebirds nest in our boxes in Wyoming. I hope you get a pair in your yard this year too!

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