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February 11, 2009


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I like it too. It makes me want to snuggle up in the house with a good cup of hot cocoa and relax. I also like your arbor. Very pretty with the snow.


Thanks Tina! It made me feel like cooking. So I did; chicken pot pie, biscuits and zucchini bread. My family would probably like for it to snow every day....


It is really lovely Kathleen...and exactly why I wanted it here...the fall today, melt tonight snow! Fantastic photos...snow just makes gardens look even better...Love the first shot, with the street beyond, the evergreen, grass and what ever that marvelous seed headed plant is in the container. Red Winged Blackbirds make me smile...He is looking right at you!



Those red winged blackbirds are getting an early start.

The snow scenes are lovely. I especially like your arbor.

Shady Gardener

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! We received rain last night. (Had it been snow, we might have had quite a bit!) I'll wait for a lovely scene like yours. :-) It's almost Valentine's Day! What special items are you creating?

Tessa at Blunders with shoots...

I just love snow! I wish we'd get more! Brrrr!


Very pretty the way it dresses your garden like icing! I don't like snow either but it does look pretty in the beginning. :)


Hi Kathleen, what a vision and so nice that it won't hang around and wear out its welcome too. I have to ask, like Gail, what is in the first photo behind the grass, in a container? Those straw colors really jump out against the blizzard conditions!


It is perfect when you get to enjoy it for awhile and then it melts :) And it really does make everything look so pretty. The Red winged blackbirds are so neat. I see them in the marshy areas around here in the summer.


I knew you would like that kind of snow too Gail. Way better than the kind that falls and stays around forever. I wish the sun had been shining on that blackbird ~ the photo would have been so much better. But there are always other opportunities, right?!!


It seems like they show up earlier and earlier Marnie. It's bittersweet for me ~ I like that they're a beacon of spring but don't like it that they take over the feeders in flocks. Putting that arbor up was a great decision. I'm hoping to put another in this spring.


This time of year, I start wishing for moisture in the form of rain (instead of snow) Shady Gardener! I will be posting some Valentine creations very soon ~ thanks for asking!!!


I wish I could share with you Tessa! then we'd both be happy... :-)


I agree Racquel ~ it's so pretty initially ~ until it gets blown all around and turns brown. Luckily this one won't stay around long enough for that.


Hi Frances. Those interesting seed heads are from the not-so- native 'Leonotis leonurus' (more commonly known as Lion's Tail). I have photos of them in bloom if you'd care to take a look.


This morning, it reminded me of your house Catherine ~ you had just posted photos of new snow yesterday (I think), then it arrived here. It was pretty but I'm glad it's gone now!

Tyra in Vaxholm

It is very pretty with the snow, I love it too. At the moment I have non here unfortunately. Your 'birdhouse' is so cute Kathleen I would like to have one just like it too.

My dahlias is not growing now Kathleen, they are asleep in the garage :-)Those pics were from 2008.



Hi Kathleen! I showed my hubby your blog yesterday and needless to say he was just amazed by your photography!! Of course he liked the paper-posts as well, but he has seen your schtuff before! He really thought your pictures were amazing! I love this last picture with the red-winged black bird, so beautiful!!


That bird feeder was the flea market "find" of last year Tyra. I still get so thrilled when I see it in my yard.
Now I'm not so jealous since the dahlias aren't currently blooming in your greenhouse. They really were beautiful and would be great to have in winter tho, wouldn't they?


Awww, thank you Nicole. You make me blush with all your nice compliments. I'm so glad you (and your dh) like my photos.
That makes me happy. :-)

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