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February 09, 2009


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Kathleen, this IS wonderful! Thanks for sharing this artist! WOW, what fun! Some people are just so imaginative!


Very pretty. Maybe you can cut the pictures out and save them in a photo album or something? Frame them even? I find it hard to throw calendars away too.


What a whimsical calender! Combining cats & gardening is a great idea. I don't blame you for not wanting to toss it. Maybe you could frame up some of your favorites?


Kathleen, I know what you mean...I have several calendars with delightful prints that I keep...maybe someday I will have a large budget for framing some of them! I totally admire this artists ability to capture so many delightful details...without it being overwhelmingly cluttered. gail


I've loved his prints forever. He's done lots of quirky cats. I used to have the cat on the bookshelf. That is a great one, well maybe it looks familiar to me because that's how my shed looks;)


That is very cute. I love those type of prints, where you can just keep looking at all the details that were put in. I'm not sure if I've seen his before, but I do like that style.


I know Nicole ~ it's incredible, isn't it? He is very talented.


We think alike Tina! I did frame one "Remington the Horticulturist" print and have that in my office. It's some consolation for having to recycle the calendars.


Cats & gardening just go together, don't they Racquel? Almost every gardener I know has a cat. It's so interesting!


You hit the nail on the head Gail! It is very detailed but not distractingly so. I'd love to be able to duplicate that style....


I thought you would be into him Marnie ~ I don't know why ~ I just had a feeling! If your shed looks like that, I'd love to come over and just sit in it and stare around for a while!!! :-)


Me too Catherine. It can keep you immersed for quite some time if you allow it.

Shady Gardener

Why wouldn't you frame this photo?? It's very cute and YOU love it! :-)


I'm nuts about Wysocki. I have many of his New England pictures. One of my favorite in my series is Dancing Pheasant Farms. There are hundreds of pumpkins in that picture.

I have Love Letters from Laramie, Fun Loving Silly Folks, His 4 season light house series, Hickory Haven Canal, Bostonians and Beans, and some of his sea captain wives series.

In his New England pictures, he puts a flag and heart in every picture. He has passed now and his family is selling the last of his prints. They are worth a good bit now. Hang on to all you have for the love of his work and their value.


Hi Anna. I'm happy to have found another fan of Charles Wysocki! I am not as familiar with your favorites ~ I seem to gravitate toward the cats & garden theme prints but I'm definitely holding on to them. Thanks for the great comment.


The perfect reasons! Thanks Shady Gardener.

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