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January 14, 2009


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I've been pouring over the seed catalogs too, but I haven't ordered any yet either. I won't be starting my seeds until late February or March because it will be too cold outside to get them outside until at least April if not May anyway.

I have been thinking about getting one of those heat mats too. I've only tried starting seeds once though so I can't claim to be unsuccessful (or successful).


I don't think you are too late. Good that you are even doing it. It will be fun. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I saw Tyra's collage and what a neat thing!


Hi Kathleen, thanks for the link love. I was trying to find your email address to tell you that I have a couple of the primula veris seeds leftover if you are interested. :-)

Nancy Bond

Good luck with your seeds, Kathleen. It's an exciting way to spend a winter afternoon. :) Dreaming of spring...


I've been going thru the catalogs too. So many lovelies, I can't decide.


Kathleen, I love seeds and buy them even though I have no growing space for them...sowing directly in the garden works for me. So those are the seeds I buy over and over again. It is fun and the dreams of flowers are tantalizing....the catalogs are so much fun, too. gail


I am with you Cinj. I can't plant out until May either so I guess I'm not really that far behind. I have had pretty good luck starting seeds, it's keeping them going that will sometimes get me in trouble.


Thanks Tina. Tyra's collage was cool, wasn't it? I hope to share my successes (or failures) with you all down the road and look forward to reading about everyone elses too!


Anytime Frances (on the link love) and I e-mailed you. Merci beaucoup!!!!


I'm right there with you Nancy. Wishing it were closer to spring than it actually is.... My problem with seeds is I always order more than I have room to plant. It's like having eyes bigger than your stomach or whatever that saying is.


I know the feeling EXACTLY Marnie! I've been trying to whittle my lists down (to manageable, doable numbers) ~ it's so hard! Good luck deciding!


That's probably the best way to sow seeds Gail, then no worries about heat pads, grow lights, space to do it all in, etc., etc. Plus the seedlings don't need to be hardened off or anything else. I think starting seeds is something to keep us occupied until we can really get out in the garden!! lol

Alice Golden

I haven't started seeds for the last two years, but this year we will for problem is that I always wind up growing way too many and have a hard time killing, I mean thinning, them out :)


I have that same problem Alice. I always think if they were hardy enough to germinate, I should give them a chance! Sometimes I give my extras away and that helps.

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