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January 16, 2009


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I have a very hard time deciding what to order from seed catal. & most of the times look & pick out things but never order.
I'm tagging you for a
6th picture meme
Check out my blog to find out what it is all about.


I think I stick with the tried and true. Not too awfully adventurous with seeds. In fact, I am trying to get away from them. But enjoying the looking and dreaming is very enjoyable. I love that cup and saucer vine. It is gorgeous.

And have I told you how much I enjoy talking to you on our blogs? I know we talked way back when, but then lost contact, now it is wonderful to get to know you. You have such great pictures. And I am blushing with your nice compliment on my poor little desperate meadowlark. Tennessee was positively frozen for about two weeks. Unusual for us. I am glad we'll thaw out in the next day or two down here. ttyl


For our production garden we usually stick with what has worked. If we didn't like the results from a specific crop we will look for a replacement. There descriptions help. We always use the same few seed companies because we like the quality and service. For the ornamental gardens we try all kinds of things, without method, mostly letting the pictures and descriptions lead us. Sometimes things turn out amazingly well. Other times not so much.


I ususlly only glance at the pictures bur read the description with great interest. I usually only buy from a NW seed source so if it does outstanding there it I know it will grow well here (if the camel doesn't eat it that is!) I also try to be realistic as to what my kids and hubby will really eat. I would love to grow rows and rows of eggplants and hot peppers but they would go to waste around here. So, read the description and be realistic are my two main methods...great post!

Nancy Bond

Ooo, that Black Eyed Susan vine is wonderful! I don't, as a rule, order seeds. What I need I can get locally, gardening as I do with such limited space. With so many choices, I'd go nuts trying to make a decision. :)


I do fall in love with the pictures of things too Kathleen. But I have diehards that I try to pick up for my garden each year like Zinnias, Cosmos, annual vines etc.. :)


Kathleen, Hey there! Occasionally I'll order seeds but most of the time...I can find the seeds I want locally. I'm pretty sure I would be an all of the above kind of seed shopper! I do have to have Zinnias and look for or order Seeds of Change Shades of Pink Zinnia. My aim in plants is to have native to this area, so I head over to my favorite native nursery for small's so much easier then starting them;-)

Lovely photos. Have a good weekend.



Your flowers are really beautiful! I have tried to start Cup and Saucer vine but haven't been successful, so will try again. Any tips?
My method is to write down everything I want from each catalog, then go back, try to be reasonable, and cross off about two thirds of the items, ha.


Well, first I put on my special glasses that help tone down the glossy pages, and make key words jump out at me- like spread rapidly (usually meaning 'can be invasive')
Then, I order my favorites and I choose a few new ones to try- I also try to get a few that I know family or friends are going to want.

Next I proceed to overspend ;0


Hi Stacey! I wish I could learn how to NOT order from you!!! I tend to do the opposite. I'd love to check out your picture meme but there's no link?? If you send me one, I'll come check it out!


Thank you so much for your nice, nice comment Tina. I now know another reason people blog, becoming acquainted with people like you. It's been a joy to visit your blog as well. I learn something every time I'm there and you are such an inspiration creatively as well. I think I gave up on visiting around for a while because I'm still on dial up and it takes so darn long for photos to load etc. Now I just sit and wait but hopefully I'll be off it soon and into the 21st century! Thanks again for warming my day with your kind words.


It sounds like trial and error wins for you Alan?? It's so interesting to see how other gardeners decide their orders. Thanks for your input!


Those are two wise methods Kim! I think it's great you order from a seed source in your area too. That's so smart. Takes a lot of the guesswork out of whether it will actually grow or not. You are the only gardener I "know" that has to worry about camels eating your plants! :-)


At least you are realistic with your limitations Nancy. I always push mine and end up with too much. I need to learn from you!!!


Die hards are a good way to go aren't they Racquel? You know what you're in for with them and you know you'll be happy! :-)


You're right about small plants being easier than all the efforts involved with seed starting Gail. I have a hard time waiting until "greenhouse time" to buy plants, I always feel I want to be gardening before April or May. I think seed starting is a way of prolonging the season??
I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend too!


Hi Connie. There is some good info on starting cup and saucer seeds at this link:

Maybe that will help?? I usually end up crossing items off my list too because of what my grand totals are....


Thanks for the giggle Tessa! I do similar things as you, especially the last line...


You bet Kathleen. These typepad blogs are great, but the comment subscribe feature does not always work so well for me, so I don't always get the follow up comments. I guess I should double check more often huh? Have a great day.


Hi Kathleen, the seed ordering is certainly overwhelming for me too. I just pick a couple of letters of the alphabet and go from there. I order from various places so have to keep track so something doesn't get ordered twice. HA I have started the cobaea, it germinated so fast, glad to hear it did well for you. I try and remember if something was blogged about that sounded good too. I should make a wish list, I used to do that when I first started gardening and still have them, but haven't done it for years. Thanks for helping me remember to do it again.


Hi. Great question! I don't grow vegetables from seed so that narrows it down. I'm most tempted by a new variety of a plant I'm familiar with. (Did that make sense?) For instance a new flower color of agastache or salvia both easy from seed. The North American Rock Garden Society is the best source I know of.


I need to try the comment subscribe buttons Tina ~ I haven't done so yet so I have to work at checking back for comments too. When I do remember, the response posts are really good. You have a good day too!


I keep a list pad next to my computer Frances and just jot things down when I notice something that intrigues me. Hopefully I'll get time to research it a bit before I order. I sure have picked up lots of great tips by joining Blotanical. It tickles me pink that I may have done a teeny little thing to help you ~ you're such a pro at all this!


That's another excellent method of choosing seeds Grace. If you really like a plant, I can see how this is easy to do. I used to belong to the North American Rock Garden Society but haven't for ten years or so. I may have to consider that again. It was a great source for unusual but hardy plants.

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