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January 12, 2009


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Shady Gardener

My kind of girl! Actually, I tend to lean towards a hot steaming cup of chai with milk, top with whipped cream and cinnamon. The only thing better is the addition of an almond biscotti! (of which I've just eaten three!) ha.


Yum, that looks like a great cup of cocoa to enjoy on a snowy day! :) Your little 'Butter' is a cutie pie.


My dog loves the snow too.
We should get some snow tonight, maybe 2-3 inches. Perhaps I'll have a cup of hot chocolate tomorrow while I watch the birds.


Brought a smile to my face because Butter it tooooo cute!


Kathleen, Your cocoa looks divine! Cooks Illustrated perfect...I bet it was delicious. Now I am imagining Coal, the King Cat in the snow! Not a picture of joy like Butter's. Gail


Brrrrr! Butter's lovely fur coat is perfect for snow. Are you counting the days until spring?

Tyra in Vaxholm wonderful but hey Kathleen I'm trying to have a 'lean' January.
It looks absolutely yummie, mouth watering.


Hilary Kanwischer

Okay...two of my favorite things, hot chocolate and puppies. Gorgeous photos and how sweet he looks in the snow. :)


That chocolate looks good. I had a cup earlier and you're right. The perfect drink on a cold January morning.

Great photo of Butter and the Chows in the previous post.


Yum on the biscotti Shady Gardener. That would have been good with the hot cocoa too! I really like Chai Tea as well and actually drink more of that then hot chocolate. We could snack together!


It was pretty tasty Racquel. Adding chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream really makes it more sinfully delicious!


That would be good Robin as long as it doesn't interfere with your photography! We want to see all your beautiful bird photos! :-)


Awwww, thanks Tina. I think he's pretty cute too!


Ha. I'm imagining your cat in the snow too Gail ~ if he's anything like mine, it's not a pretty sight!
and thanks for the compliment on the Hot Cocoa ~ I don't drink it that often but when I do, I figure I may as well do it up right!


Am I ever Val! I bet we all are!!! If I had Butters coat, maybe I'd like winter more???


Sorry Tyra!! I'm trying to have a lean January too but it's so hard to go "cold turkey" after all the delicious holiday food!


Thank you Hilary. I told you I could send you some snow!!!


Thanks so much Marnie.


Girl, you can even make cocoa look good! Yum.

Butter looks so cute in the snow. Ours love it too. There's something about snow that really energizes them.


I think they like it because of their nice warm "coats" don't you Darcy?? and thanks about the hot chocolate. Come on over and I'll make you a cup!

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