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January 15, 2009


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Yes, but I sure am having a good laugh.

Shady Gardener

Perfect Bloom Day post! ;-) ha...


Butter looks beautiful!!!
Can you fix my hair next?


Hi Kathleen, HE????? Uh oh, the males in my house would be in an uproar, but he looks so sweet. It must have been fun. Maybe you need to have some fun with seeds to keep you occupied, or read a good book, HA



He's adorable, patient and he must love you! LOL! It's the least they are blue. Now here's the hard question: will Buttons sit still for a pedicure?


He does look kind of girlie, but I don't think he cares. Dogs are such good sports. Very cute.


I'm glad I could give you that Tina!!


lol Shady Gardener. I hardly ever remember those Garden Bloom day posts so count on me to do something different on that day instead of what everyone else is doing!


Sure! Come on over Darcy!!!!


lol Frances. Absolutely I should be doing more constructive things! I better get those orders placed so the next time I'm tempted to get out the barettes, I fool with seeds instead!


Too funny you should mention a pedicure Gail because I had thought of that! But I didn't have any of the instant dry nail polish handy so I nixed the idea!


Thanks Marnie. He couldn't have been a better sport!! I took him for a walk afterwards, so maybe that made it all worth it for him??!!!

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