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January 13, 2009


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Shady Gardener

Kathleen, What inspiring gifts! I would love a new shed, but I'm wondering if it's that important. We already have one that I could paint a bit more. (It's that I'd love to have one for the grandchildren!) ;-)

My daughter gifted me with a rabbit sculpture (of modern lines). It will be in a Spring post, I'm sure.

Have a wonderful time enjoying your books And your hot chocolate! A great combination. :-)


The chicken coop is too cute....but I still don't want to care for chickens! A rain gauge and a hori-hori knife I bought myself!



I would even live in that chicken coop. LOL! What great magnets. You made out alright.


Super good gifts! Love books for sure and I too think that chicken coop is too cute. I got some crocuses to force, some clippers, a garden angel from a good garden friend, a indoor/outdoor thermometer, and a garden magazine. Gotta love those garden gifts. Have fun reading your new books. Do share some good info in them when you can.

Tyra in Vaxholm

Hi Kathleen, what lovely gifts you have got, it's nice to be a little bit spoiled sometimes.
I would love to have a look in the Stylish shed book. I think I would like to build a small shed for the tools, don't you think that would be a great idea :-)


Hi Kathleen, what food for thought with those books. I never tire of looking at imaginative shed designs and that chicken coop is dreamy. Offspring Chickenpoet raises chickens and I can tell you that the cleanliness issue would be a problem with that wooden building in no time! My big present was a rainbarrel, now set up and collecting water for the orchids and plants to be used when they go to live back outside. Orchids especially like the untreated water.


You were indeed spoiled with some lovely garden gifts Kathleen! I got a gift card to my favorite Big Box store that I'll be happy to use this spring for some plants and maybe another trellis! :)


I love the chicken coop too! I love everything about Stylish Sheds cause there is so much inspiration inside. You did get spoiled and love the magnets too.

Alice Golden

What a fun Christmas! that chicken coop is neighbors have chickens - I should show them that in case they want to upgrade :) And I think those magnets would be super cute attached to the front of a card.


I love that chicken house.
I just have to have one!


Oh, Shady Gardener, you are already set then. It appears that a lot of the sheds in this book were pre-existing buildings that were converted into something stylish/more useful. Get to work ~ you could be in the sequel!!


I don't know if I want to or not Gail. I just "think" I want chickens but if I actually knew what it entailed, maybe not! If I had a shed like that, I'd definitely give it a try tho!


We are like-minded Lona because I had that same thought! (that I could live in there)!


Hi Tina. You received some nice garden gifts too. They're the best kind, aren't they? I will certainly share any information from the books if I ever make time to sit down and read them!


If anyone could build a stylish shed for tools Tyra, it would be you!! I know that from seeing your beautiful greenhouse! I think you should pick up a copy so you can get inspired and then start building! We'd all love to see what you come up with!


Frances, you are just a wealth of information. I would never have known that about wooden buildings and chickens. I tend to go with "looks" and it sure looks good but being practical is better in the long run, right? Good to know about rain water and orchids too. I didn't know that either but I only have my one lone clearance orchid. It does have buds on it now so I'll be posting about it soon. I think you should do another post on yours to keep us all going thru the winter.


A giftcard is always a welcome gift isn't it Racquel. I love those! You'll have fun this spring.


Hi Anna. I knew you loved that book, your blog is one of the sites that inspired me to put it on my list. Thank you for that, I'm really enjoying it. :-)


Yes, show them Alice and maybe you'll get that cute coop right next door. It would be fun to take photos of, wouldn't it?


Oh too funny you posted this morning Stacey. My Mom and I were talking about the chicken coop last night and she told me you had chickens. She said she'd have to tell you about the coop on my blog so you could take a look and here you are!! You should definitely build yourself one! It would be amazing. Thanks for stopping by!


I L-O-V-E that chicken coop!!!


It really is the BEST, isn't it Darcy!! I love it too ~ I look at it almost every night!

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