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November 05, 2008


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What a lovely early Christmas present! That should help with your gardening fix over the winter months ahead. Look forward to seeing the pretty blooms!

Nancy Bond

I always make a gift of an Amaryllis to my parents -- they're sure a bright spot at the right time. Those two new ones you just purchased are very different! I must look for them.


Amaryllis are very pretty and I like the picture of the new ones you acquired. I like the thought of early Christmas gifts... especially when they have to do with the garden.

I am in the process of dividing all my amaryllis and transplanting in more places in my garden. They will stay and bloom here right in the ground.


They have a good looking snuggly bed! Kathleen..they do look good in their black pot...the contrast will be wonderful when they bloom.



What a thoughtful gift. Gorgeous flowers too. I've never grown any before, but any flower inside during the winter would be most welcome in my home!

Sherry Wright

What a great gift, can't wait to see them blooming! ;)

Shady Gardener

What a wonderful gift. :-) And you've chosen some interesting looking amaryllis, too. Have you seen "Butterfly?" I saw it in a recent catalog. Very unusual, too.


How pretty they will be all blooming together. I haven't seen any like 'Sumatra' or 'Night Star' so it will be very ineresting to see the different types of blooms.


I just brought mine inside after they spent the summer outdoors. They won't bloom for Christmas. Maybe I'll buy another and get it potted.


I love amaryllis, but I have not had much luck with saving the bulbs...and they are so expensive I have been reluctant to buy more. One of these days maybe you could do a post on your technique for saving the bulbs - 10 years is very impressive!


They will definitely help me get thru the winter Racquel!! Thanks for your nice comment.


You are so lucky Meems to just plant them in the ground. What a foreign concept for us Northern Gardeners! I think I'm really liking early Christmas gifts too! :-)


That's a great gift Nancy. I'm sure they enjoy them like I do. I found these bulbs at my local nursery, if that helps.


Thank you Gail. By adding the two extra bulbs, I made it snuggly for sure!


I agree Cinj ~ anything flowering thru the winter months is a good thing. :-)


I will be sure and post some photos Sherry!


I have not seen "Butterfly" Shady Gardener but now you've piqued my interest so I'll have to look it up!!


I hadn't seen the two new bulbs before either Beckie so I'm anxious just like you. It will be fun to watch them all open.


That's where mine spend their summers too Marnie ~ outside. It's easier for me to fertilize them, etc., when I'm doing that already with my containers. Let us know if you get a new one.


Thank you for saying that Alice but don't get too impressed. I hardly do anything with them except take them outdoors in the summer and fertilize with my containers. The end of Sept or first part of Oct, I cut all the foliage off and put them in the back of a closet. Then whenever I see the bloom heads pushing up, I bring them out into the light. You should try it again!

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