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November 11, 2008


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Those are gorgeous pics! I love the first snowfall, sometime we don't get any where I live. Yes I'm one of those from the West Coast with snow envy,lol!



No snow envy from here! Your photos are wonderful. You've captured the winter sky for me: gray with bare branches! The setting sun is spectacular! Enjoy the day and keep warm.


Those sunset photos are gorgeous Kathleen. I'm glad the snow spared you alittle longer.

Nancy Bond

November skies are absolutely the most beautiful of the year, IMO. :)

Shady Gardener

Whew! I'm not ready for snow yet, either. :-) Here's a funny story for you. Now that I'm a retired teacher, I can enjoy it anytime. When I was teaching, it was very nice to have a "snow day" once-in-awhile. ;-) Last Winter, at the end of December, we received a beautiful snowfall. I called a friend who's still teaching and asked her how she was enjoying her "snow day!" She replied, "Well... fine, except we're on Christmas Break." How soon one forgets! ha.

Robin Leja

Great sunset Kasey,and I'm glad the snow missed you. I'm not ready for the first snow either. Or the second, third, fourth, you name it! Winter could just stay away as far as I am on concerned.


lol inadvertent farmer. Yes, you can wish for snow since you don't get much!! Things are always exciting if they aren't common occurences, right?! ;-)


Thank you Gail. The clouds parted and the sun came out yesterday so it turned out to be a nicer than anticipated day all the way around.


I am too Racquel! and thank you for the compliment on the sunset photos.


Okay, Nancy. If you say so....
That's not what I would have picked tho!! ;-)


ha ha Shady Gardener. That is a good one. Darn snow, coming during a holiday so you don't even get an extra day off! The thing that worries me most about snow (other than shoveling) is driving in it. (oh and the other crazy drivers that don't slow down). Scary!


You and I are on the same page Robin! That would be fine with me to not see snow too. I always say there isn't anything wrong in getting moisture from rain rather than in the white form!

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