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November 10, 2008


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Nancy Bond

'Tis the season, indeed, and everything you've featured looks delicious! I used to make a Pumpkin Roll for Thanksgiving that was always a hit. Basically, it was just a batter for a spicy, pumpkin cake, baked in a jelly roll pan. When nearly cooled, you slather a thick coating of cream cheese icing on the "inside surface", then roll like any other jelly roll and chill. When sliced into spicy, aromatic pinwheels, it makes a delicious dessert, with or without a little dollop of whipped cream. :)


Yum! That sounds delicious too Nancy. I still have some pumpkin, maybe we'll give it a try. :-)


Hi Kathleen, that baked pumpkin was almost too beautiful to cut? I never knew they looked like that. Your ideas sound wonderful, I love the thought of those two flavors together but never would have thought of doing it. Thanks.


I love cranberries & pumpkin at this time of the year. They have such a fall flavor to them.


Scrumptious looking...I like pumpkin in ravioli! Pumpkins and squashes are we don't have to feel guilty eating them in pancakes, pies or muffins!


Shady Gardener

Hi Kathleen, Wow! We're all on a cooking frenzy, aren't we? ;-) That's what the colder weather does... at least for me! I love these ideas... Nancy B's, too! Thank you!!

Hilary Kanwischer

Wow! Kathleen, I just LOVE your photography...seriously girl, you can make even a pumpkin look simply divine. :) Beautiful pics. :)


Oh my! Visiting this blog could be dangerous for my waistline!


I love using freash pumpkin for pies, but will admit I find it a lot of work. The grandgirls are coming this weekend though and I'll bet theu would love to do something like that. Thanks for the great recipe ideas.


lol, I thought the same thing about cutting it Frances! It looked like a piece of art. I don't know that I've ever combined the two flavors before this year either but they're very tasty together.


You're so right Racquel. They are perfect for the season.


I've seen pumpkin ravioli on menus Gail, but I've never ordered/tasted it. Is it good?? Feeling better about eating all the pumpkin after your comment! :-)


It does seem like we're all in the kitchen Shady Gardener ~ or at least a lot of us. I guess it's what happens when we can't go outside in the garden!


Awww, Hilary, that's the nicest compliment ever. Thank you so much!


oops, sorry about that Amy!! I'll try to curtail the food posts! Winter is bad for the waistline period ~ or maybe that's only in my case where I hate to go outdoors and get cold?!!


You're welcome Beckie. I thought cooking pumpkin was a lot of work too until I discovered the pie pumpkins. They are SO easy. Just make a couple of slits in the outside, bake and when done the skin practically falls off and the insides scoop out very easily as well. I put mine in the oven stem and all!

Sweet Bay

Those pancakes and muffins look good! My husband found a killer recipe for pumpkin bread years ago in the newspaper; I still make several loaves every holiday season.

Your photographs are beautiful.

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