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October 27, 2008


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Those pumpkin cheesecake squares look yummy!


Those look like some delicious treats. Thanks for the recipe. :) Congrats on your first prize gifts!


I would never have thought of combining pumpkins and chocolate. It does look wonderful, I might have to try it.

Pumpkin cranberry scones. That sounds good too.

Shady Gardener

Hi Kathleen, Looks like a wonderful recipe... I've just copied it off!

Congratulations on the Owl winning first place. :-) It really was great... and now, look at you!! Ready for Fall with all those pumpkin goodies. :-)

Happy day!


congrats kathleen! looks like a lot of yummy stuff for winning, and you totally deserved to win too. great pumpkins!!


Well, I AM impressed! Your pumpkins are delightful. Such creativity and skill. A very deserving win.


Congrats on the win. That looks so luscious! I have to admit that it is my own personal opinion that chocolate makes everything better. I just may have to add that recipe to my collection.


Kathleen, My mouth actually watered when I saw the brownies...How sadly Pavlovian! Fantastic we knew whooo would win! Gail


Northern Shade

Congratulations on winning the carving contest with the owl.
Your chocolate pumpkin cheesecake recipe looks delicious, and I'm going to try it out.


Copied that recipe and those carved pumpkins looked great! Now I wish I had gone to the pumpkin carving at my nephew's house!

My two favorites.... chocolate and pumpkin. I bet it's wonderful.

Love your blog!



Those look so yummy! I think I'll have to add those to our Halloween dinner this year. And a big congrats on the owl pumpkin - but I really loved them all - glad I didn't have to be a judge!


Hi Kathleen, those squares could be eaten right through the screen, and the recipe sounds good enough to eat too. I will be making those when the family comes for Thanksgiving for sure. Maybe a batch before then just to be sure they are good enough! Taste testing is so important. ;-> The pumpkins you carved are pure genius. The look when they are lit did sway me from loving the coach best. The owl deserves a prize and it sounds like the prize was a great one too. I love all things pumpkin.


Thanks Robin. They were so good, I was really hoping a few would come home with me so I could indulge a little more....


You're welcome for the recipe Racquel. I hope you find them just as delicious as we did if you decide to make them.


They are a rather unusual combination Marnie but very tasty, I'm thinking I need to make another batch. and yes, that scone mix looks wonderful too. I think we should start thinking up interesting combinations with pumpkin, don't you??!


That's what those contests are good for Shady Gardener ~ getting you ready for holidays in advance! Otherwise, all the carving would still be waiting. I hope you enjoy the recipe.


Thanks Wendy!! I was excited!


Thank you very much Beckie. That's pretty high praise! I'm blushing...


Oh Cinj, I couldn't agree with you more ~ chocolate is my favorite! So anything that includes it, is yummy to me.


I'm going to take that as a compliment Gail ~ because any photo that can do that has to be good!! ;-)
Too funny about knowing "whoo" would win.


Thank you Northern Shade and let me know what you think about the recipe!


Thank you Layanee! and next year you can go to the pumpkin carving!!! Enjoy the cheesecake squares!


Thank you Lacy! Chocolate anything is a favorite of mine so when I saw that recipe, I knew I "had" to make it! So glad now.


oh my, added to the fabulous big Halloween dinner ~ I am feeling honored Alice!!! ;-) Now if I could only be there as well! Let me know how your family likes them. and thank you on the pumpkin carving compliment. :-)

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