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October 06, 2008


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Hi Kathleen, I don't see a link or a picture for your dog in the post. :)


Okay I can see him now. What an adorable bumblebee costume! lol


Love that tag (and your doggie is a cutie too). I'm having "Halloween Week" at my blog this week - you have to post a link on my blog to this post!

and what's not to like about a holiday that is mainly about candy?! :)


I hope you show us him in all his costumes! Nice papercraft!

It is a fun holiday and I love watching all the gardenbloggers celebrate it! We will go to a friend's Pumpkin Carving party!



What a cute pup. I can see why he steals the show. We are halloween lovers over here. I have been dressing up a pumpkin for about a month.

Shady Gardener

Love that cute puppy in his costume! It would be hard to resist giving him a treat!! ;-)

We only have one little family in our neighborhood... at least we can give out some special treats!


Halloween has always been a big holiday here. First with our girls and now all the granddaughters. Our small town has trick or treat night and I swear we get kids from other towns too! But, it's fun to see them all.

Your doggie is a cute bee an I'll bet doesn't mind stealing the show. Your paper craft is wonderful! I love the title. Graet job.


No kids here or even trick or treaters but I buy candy anyway and then get to eat it and then regret it! Going to a Mardi Gras party. A bit of sparkle and a feather boa is in order!


Whew! I'm glad you can see the pic now Racquel. I wouldn't know how to fix it if it wasn't showing up!


We like the candy here too Alice ~ a bit too much.
I'll pop over to your blog and check out Halloween week. It sounds fun.


Thanks Gail. Not sure I can get my hands on pics past last year. They seem to disappear into a "black hole" after about a years time??!! I will share this years for sure tho! Pumpkin carving sounds great and creative. Maybe you'll post yours?


Sounds fun Deb. I'll have to stop by and see!!


We don't get that many trick or treaters either Shady Gardener. I miss the big groups. Halloween has always been a fun holiday for us. I hope you enjoy your one family!


Thanks for all the nice comments Beckie. Halloween in your town sounds great!


oooh, sparkle and feather boas sound very festive Layanee. Enjoy! and we eat WAY too much candy here too then feel awful the next day...

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