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October 28, 2008


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Kathleen, You just barely escaped! It sounds like a charming store, please send address and directions for Girl's Night Out to Clay and Limestone....ASAP! I have a few pennies set aside!

It would be fun to explore Garden Bloggers' favorite favorite garden shops.



Now that sounds like a great place to spend a girl's night out! You didn't share what you purchased though...


Oh, I love those garden shops. We have two new ones in my area. THE PORCH is like you describe, huge and packed solid with garden stuff. I have no self control in there;)


That would be fun Gail ~ and enabling!! It's dangerous enough just knowing the few around me, if I had access to many others, I can't imagine what would happen!!

Were you serious about wanting the address?? I can provide it if so! Get your pennies ready...


oh sorry, Racquel. I didn't think of it for some strange reason. Happily it was something small ~ watering can drawer pulls. So cute!


Your stores sound great too Marnie!! I don't have self control in those places either ~ what is that anyway??!!


Hi Kathleen, that is so enticing from the outside. I love the paint color on the wood trim. I used to have a severe shopping addiction, really bad. But have overcome that urge. Blogging helps keep me occupied. I would have to leave my wallet at home in a store like that. Your drawer handles sound cute.


I want to come..please oh please !!!

have pennies will travel ..


Kathleen, Just kidding but where I to be in your part of the world I might want to see it! I won't be traveling until Spring Fling! gail

Shady Gardener

Hi Kathleen! Are you halfway close to Iowa? I'd LOVE to visit that shop. It looks wonderful! Certainly there are Christmas gifts in there... at least for other people? ;-)

Mother Nature's Garden

I love shops like this because I garden shop all year.


Oh no Frances. I've heard of addictions like that, mostly people joke about them, but I know it can be very serious. I'm glad you can control it now. I think most of us should leave our wallets at home in places like that! If ever you need the blog to consume more time, revert to a dial up method. ugh. That's what I have and it takes me forever to visit other people and look at their fantastic photos, etc.


Anytime Cherry!!!! :-)


I wasn't sure Gail ~ you never know where you're going to pop up next ~ from reading your blog I know you've been on the east coast, to Chicago & Austin, etc. this year so I thought maybe you were headed my way!!!! If ever you are, let me know and we'll go there!


I go in places like that with the intention of buying for others Shady Gardener then end up with stuff for myself! Isn't that terrible?


I especially like them during the down times of garden season Donna ~ I have more time then. It's fun to find places like this tho.

Shady Gardener

Kathleen, That's why I winked! :-) I'm guilty of that same thing (and I actually anticipate that very thing happening!) ha. Love the looks/sound of that shop!


Oh, definitely a Danger! Danger! storefront...! i would be so in trouble...

enjoying your blog that I just discovered!


I know. You just know danger when you see it, don't you Anne?? Glad you found my blog, I appreciate your comments.

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