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October 05, 2008


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I love pink cosmos, actually I love any pink flower. I think they are the most photogenic of all! You captured them beautifully!

I love your photography! Just wondering what camera you use.

Also, I looked through your published work and loved them all! You gave me some great idea for using my own photography in card making.


Cosmos should be a staple of any garden. I especially love the pink ones. :)


Those are stunning pictures indeed ! .. I missed having cosmos this year .. you have convinced me NOT to for next year, thanks !

Shady Gardener

Beautiful photos. I, too, especially like your third one! :-) And I should scoot outdoors to do a few last minute things myself! ha.


Kathleen, your photos are beautiful! And aren't the bees lucky to have them still be blooming? I started some from seed this year and have been delighted with the results. uch a light and airy plant that needed lillte extra care and has bloomed all summer.

Nancy Bond

I think cosmos have such pretty, smiling faces! They remind me of my childhood when my Dad always had them in his gardens. Your photos are beautiful.

Sherry Wright

Stunning in every way!!


Hi, kathleen, I love pink Cosmos and your photos are eye catching lovelies. You can see so clearly, how delicate the petals are in your closeups...not at all like zinnias, with their fat petals! All of the photos are great...don't make me pick a fav!

I Finally have a few cosmos blooming. They are not happy in my garden but I keep trying them.



Thanks again Robin for complimenting my photography. I always admire yours as well. I have a Canon digital SLR camera (EOS 20D). I'm glad you were able to find some ideas from my published work file. You have so many nice photos that would make beautiful cards. They would be a gift in themselves to receive.


I agree with you Racquel. A "staple" for sure!


I feel honored I could persuade you like that Joy! I missed having them a few years in my garden too and I'm so glad they're back!


Thank you Shady Gardener. I hope you get your last minute chores done. I was trying to beat a cold front but it looks like it will warm up again this week so I have more time afterall. :-)


I agree with everything you wrote Beckie. We can't forget to add how great the pink color is tho, can we?!! ;-) I need to start mine earlier next year.


Thank you Nancy. Knowing your photography skills as well, that is especially nice. I hope you get your own garden soon so you can grow them too!


Thank you SO much Sherry!!!


Hi Gail. I wonder what it is about "Chez Clay" (did I get that right?) that the cosmos don't like??? It seems like they would fit in well there?? Thanks for the kind words and don't worry, I won't make you pick a favorite photo!!

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