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October 08, 2008


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At least you have a place to store your tender perennials for the winter. It would of been hard for me to pass up that passion vine too, it's a beautiful shade of pink!

Jane Marie

I love Lavender Lady. It's a beautiful color.


Kathleen, Hello! Frost and snow, wow, it is still very warm here. Have you seen the plant dollies that nurseries use...I always wanted one!

If I had a basement...I would do exactly what you are doing, buy on sale and keep them safe all winter. Next spring you will be so happy you did; the prices will be astronomical with the increased costs of transporting etc.



So true Racquel. I am lucky to have the basement for storage. I couldn't afford to start over every year otherwise.


Thanks Jane Marie. The color is what sold me too!


It's gorgeous here right now too Gail. Hard to believe it will all change like they predict. Maybe they'll be wrong?? I can only hope...
I have not seen the plant dolly's the nurseries use. I just bought a cheap one but it serves the purpose. I'll check them out next time I visit. Trying to stay out of greenhouses and nurseries for a while. I've done enough damage the past few months!
and you are right about transportation costs affecting prices next year. I hadn't thought that far ahead. Glad I'm saving everything I can by overwintering.

Shady Gardener

I think I'd better get "hopping" when it comes to tending to trying to overwinter annuals, etc. :-) Don't tuberous begonias look like mini roses?


Kathleen, I find it amazing that you can keep plants like this. I'm sure mine would die. It sounds like a lot of work, but I know next spring you are happy to have done it. So many plants not to buy and a jump start on spring.


I love the passion flower and your photos are great.

Mother Nature's Garden

I enjoyed perusing your published works on the sidebar.


They do sort of look like minature roses Shady Gardener. Right now they look the best they've looked all season which is why I'm sad for the frost to get them. :-(


I was doubtful I could keep things alive at first too Beckie. But considering how expensive (especially the tropicals are) it was worth the experiment. Luckily I haven't lost anything this way and you're right, it saves so much money the next spring.


Thank you Mr Brown Thumb!


Oh good Mother Nature's Garden. I need to update it a bit and add more projects. I added those few when I first started blogging then have never gone back. I had no idea how much time even the blogging would take!

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