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August 21, 2008


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I know that wasps & yellowjackets can be beneficial in the fact they eat some bad bugs in the garden. I think they polinate some plants too. Great pictures!

Eric Bronson

Awesome shot! Here's a fitting qoute
"These wasps perform a valuable service in destroying many insects that attack cultivated and ornamental plants."


Great pics! Like you, I love our native humblebees. I'm down with most of the wasps too, until it comes late summer and I have to fight the yellowjackets in the backyard for a bite of my hamburger. Well, like Gramps always said, "It's good to get a few bee stings every year. It prevents arthritis."


Your photos rock! Don't apologize they are able to sting and who wants to get too close!

Nicole Anderson

Are you a published photographer, famous as much as you are in the craft magazines? THIS is a wonderful pic! The first thing I noticed was the impeccable shadow, wowwwwwwserssssssssssss!

Simply stunning! If you aren't in photography mags, you should be!

(all is well with Isaac, thanks!!!)



beautiful photos! Always a battle against those stinging bugs, neverending!


Wow, thanks everyone for all the wonderful compliments and information! You made my day!


I didn't before Wednesday, but now I do. An as of yet unnamed bee type creature who apparently likes to sting even when unprovoked.

Okay, maybe I'm not so innocent but I am truly clueless as to why the silly thing stung me.

They are welcome to visit my garden whenever they want, as long as they steer clear of my family members!


I agree Cinj. I hope your sting is healing ~ you really had quite a bad reaction.

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