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July 27, 2008


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Uh, yes I do. Cheesehead says I'm a junk collector, but who knows when we'll want to build that neat thing or do some variation of a project seen in a catalog. If there are too many good ideas in the catalog, I keep the whole thing. If there are just a few I tear them out and put the articles in clear platic sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder.

I want to make a nice patio in the back yard, build a deck and window box on my shed, make bird feeders and bird houses. A sunroom and greenhouse would be nice too.


Yes, I too have tons of 'inspiration' photos that I have ripped out of magazines. Trouble is it takes me days to look through them when I want a specific one. Some day I'm going to hire (or coerce) someone to organize them for me. I get too distracted when I try to do it and end up just putting them all back in the box!


OH yes!! I'm making a gardening shed out of old windows. I love the glass door knobs on this shed you pictured. I too collect tons of pictures. Never know when I might get inspired to actually do something.

Mother Nature

Those outdoor rooms are really popular now. I love them.


Yes, I do the same thing. I used to save the entire magazine. Now to save space, I just tear out pages. A lot of good ideas and photos on garden blogs to.


Wow, you are very organized about it Cinj! I hope you get some of those projects on your wish list!!


You could organize them like the magazine did Sheila ~ they have it divided into sections: Entrances (gates, arbors), Vertical Accents (columns, teepees etc.) Outdoor Rooms (Gazebos, pergolas), Privacy (fencing, trellises), Focal Points (fountains, Statuary) and Architecture (greenhouses, sheds, etc) I thought that was a pretty good system and I might try doing my own that way.


That's SO cool Anna. I hope you're going to feature it on your blog (or have you already and I missed it?) There are some like that in this issue and they are wonderful. (I like the concept of recycling the old windows too, instead of just tossing them)


Me too Mother Nature! I just wish I lived in a climate where you could use them more months out of the year.


I tear out too Marnie, unless like Cinj said, there's a LOT of ideas then I keep the whole magazine. Somehow I have lots of "whole" magazines!! Garden blogs are a resource I am just getting into, but they are fabulous and instant gratification. I like that you don't have to wait for a new issue to come out, just visit around whenever you have time!


Yes I do then I periodically purge them when I realize they are unrealistic for my space! and Please sign me up for the garden shed it is great looking!

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