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July 28, 2008


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I'm right there with you - not looking forward to summer being over at all - I love having the kids home and all these unstructured days...


This is a beautiful card and you are correct--the watering can did it for me. But then I read the saying and liked it even better.


Sayings are what sells me on cards every time. If it's between a pretty picture and a beautiful sentiment, I'll pick sentiment every time. This card has both though, well done!


What a cute card! Your friend is lucky to get paid doing something she loves.


I agree about the unstructured days Alice. I don't know why it has to go by so fast.


Thank you Anna.


Me too Cinj. It's the sentiment that counts the most, that's why I loved this sticker so much. Thanks for the nice words.


Thanks Perennial Garden Lover. My friend no longer designs containers but I thought it was the perfect set up too.

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