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June 28, 2008


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Nancy Bond

What a wonderful photo! He looks like he's so fat, he's stuck. :)


I adore shots like this one, fat bumblebees foraging for nectar and forgetting all around them in their pursuit.

Jane Marie

I need to do the same and because of company and other commitments there has not been much time for gardening other than the occasional pull of a stray weed. So I'm sure I'm too late to cut them back now. But on the other hand if I don't do it now I won't get to it at all. Want to come and help? :)


Thanks Nancy & Titania for your nice compliments on my bumblebee picture. He definitely wasn't aware of me being there at all so intent on getting inside those snapdragons!


While I wish I could say "yes" on helping you Jane Marie, I'm afraid my own bushes wore me out! I hope you find some time before they are monsters like mine!!

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