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March 27, 2008


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Sounds like we're having very similar weather. One minute it's sunny here and the next it's snowing or hailing. Then it all melts and it's nice out again.

Had to laugh at your description at the beginning - I've been wondering what my neighbors think of me too! Plus, I'm out there with a camera all the time now, on my hands and knees :) They must think I'm crazy.


that's too funny about the camera! I hadn't thought of that because I do that too and it probably appears that I'm taking a picture of nothing at all! like those little rhubarb balls ~ you couldn't see them from very far away!


I'll miss my rhubarb unfurling this year, they're in my "other" garden. They are really neat looking. My neighbor probably think I'm a bit crazy too, it seems like I'm always running around with a camera anymore. I think my daughter was laughing at me for the pictures I was taking when I picked her up from the bus stop yesterday. Oh well!


At least we aren't alone in our "craziness" right?!!


Oh yea, you have LOTS of company! Congrats on your spring...hopefully mine is coming too.


I hope spring comes your way quickly too Lisa!

Diane M. Schuller

I got so excited when I saw this photo. I am enthralled every single spring for the deep burgundy unfurling of the rhubarb. Most people don't even pay attention to it at this stage, yet this is my favourite stage for the giant in my garden!



We are kindred souls Diane. The spring debut is my favorite stage about rhubarb too. My next favorite stage is at the table in a pie! :-)

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