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December 01, 2015


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Beth @ PlantPostings

I'm not a huge Brugmansia fan, but you make them look gorgeous! LOL--it's blooming in the garage. Oh well, that's obviously a great studio for your amazing photography! Glad to hear you had a pleasant Thanksgiving. Our weather has been similar to yours so far this season. Happy December!


I can't believe your Brug is blooming so much in the garage. Amazing. Have you thought of bringing it into your bathroom area, or is it too big? The color is beautiful - we do love our salmon flowers, don't we! (By the way I bought a huge salmon Poinsettia today at work!) Love your Thanksgiving pics too.


I'm with you, super late bloomers are not worth it. And how on earth are you getting that to bloom in a dark and chilly garage?

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