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November 14, 2015


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There is a sadness to the end of gardening season. But the rest is delightful, yes? Time to dream and plan for next year!

Shady Gardener

You are right, Kathleen!!! Lovely photos and a perfect spot to admire and look forward to seeing next Spring! :-) hugs!! SG

Alice Golden

Your photos are stunning!! They will help keep you warm over the long winter months. :)

Beth @ PlantPostings

There's something about a photo of frost on a nearly perfect flower--I never seem to get out in time to capture it myself, so I appreciate it when others go to the trouble. Beautiful macros of the Dahlias and the bees and the Roses. Yes, it is somehow a comforting feeling to put the garden to bed and start dreaming about spring and the new garden. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I would miss the break (at least a taste of winter) if I lived in a warm climate.


Your garden is beautiful. I always look forward to winter. I need it to rest and take a breather from the garden.

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