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November 28, 2014


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Oh my gosh Kathleen - what a gorgeous table! I can't get over all the work you went to and I'm sure your guests were so appreciative of everything you did. I'm shocked that you got up so early - LOL! Can't wait to see your Christmas Blog next!

Beth @ PlantPostings

I'm impressed that you took pictures at all! We hosted, too, and I had my hands full simply cleaning, baking, and preparing. Your pies look fabulous! Yum! Isn't Thanksgiving a great holiday. My only issue with it is the mad rush right afterward (and now during) for crazy shopping.


Beth ~ I skip the shopping afterwards, that helps! and all the photos are pre-dinner because (as you know) it was too busy during to take any!

Dana ~ Thank you for the compliment! Everyone seemed to have a very nice time (including us) so all the work was worth it!! Yes, you know me and getting up early!!

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