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August 10, 2014


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Kathleen girl you have such gorgeous plants .. the lilies are fantastic! .. I have ordered some orange Tiger lilies to plant in the Fall for next summer .. I am really looking forward to them especially after seeing your yellow ones!
I love my Casa Blanca, the scent is amazing. The Eyeliner ones are a nice white with the darker outline but I did NOT know they had no scent .. sort of a let down.
Hey on that matter of mail order plants being so small, yes most times way too small except for a couple of companies I have here in Ontario .. they are nice and big thank heavens : )
Enjoy your garden girl ... I fear Fall is speeding up ?!LOL
Joy : )


I like hot colors best. Oddly enough my garden seems to be filled with cool pinks and purples. How did that happen? I have been looking around the garden and seem to have discovered a whole new side of myself.
You can always smell lilies even before you see them! Your lilies are lovely and you have managed to capture all their most beautiful attributes.


Stunning as always! I love your gardens and I love that we have so many of the same plants.....let's promise to continue to always get together in the Spring for greenhouse hopping - even when we are using walkers! I have no idea what style I have - I just buy what I love and tear out what I don't. I suppose it says I have no self control in greenhouses!


Exquisite, and such beautiful pictures!!

Lots of pink here with all of the seashore mallow but I need a show stopper like this one.

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