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August 16, 2014


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OH MY GOSH - I have to have this one next year. Hope I don't forget to get one. It's stunning Kathleen!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh goodness, I can see why you've been infatuated with it. It's a perfect match for your amazing photography skills! So misty and photogenic. Sigh.


Kathleen girl this is an exquisite flower .. I have a fear of dahlias because the bugs here just completely destroy them .. but this one ? I would try very hard to get my sling-shot out to snap those bugs away! LOL
Your photography skills are fantastic girl !
Joy : )


So beautiful! I love pastel blends like this. Dahlias hate me though. :( I have not successfully over wintered them except to leave them out to take their chances -- and so now I only have a very few left.

Your pictures are the best sort of advertisement. :)

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