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July 09, 2014


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Oh my gosh - I MUST find this Lily. Absolutely stunning. I am so glad it multiplied for you! Your photos are incredible!


Oh WOW! You were right girl they are growing and blooming up a storm. They are so beautiful. Mine have stopped doubling so I think I need to get some more. Don't you? LOL!

Beth @ PlantPostings

I LOVE Asiatic Lilies! They're my favorites, and they're excellent cut flowers. Although sometimes, it's sad to cut the stems because they won't come back until the next year. Mine are blooming now, too, but not like that! Gorgeous!


Our local garden guru believes that Asiatic lilies are the best - beautiful, hardy and with long-lasting blooms. Kathleen, your plants are gorgeous! And, such a lovely color! Pictures are great as always!


I just ordered 10 of these from Brecks - can't wait to see them in my garden next year. As always, I'm inspired by your gardens!


I'm practically drooling over five foot lilies! Seems that everyone is posting gorgeous lilies this year, and I only have one or two wimply lilies. Sounds like I had better take care of this "problem".

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