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March 18, 2014


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What's the prognosis? A torn ligament? Tendonitis! Sorry you have to sit still, but as you say, it gives you some good cat-cuddling time. I hope you have some good books to read and movies to watch? Your Hibiscus is heavenly!


Love Powder Puff! So glad it's blooming for you! And what a great pic of your beautiful kitty-her hair really has grown! Hoping each day your knee sorry you got hurt!


Sooooo sorry to hear about your injury. I HATE when I injure myself. Really makes me appreciate my health.


I just read your previous post along with this...when I heard a pop in my knee, it was because my ACL completely ripped in half...and I could not walk at all. I needed an allograft to replace the missing ACL. Long long time to healing and mobility...I sure hope that's not what happened to you! Hopefully if you have a brace you are able to just keep weight off it while it heals/repairs itself. Hope you find some good things to do while you're not as mobile as you're used to being! Hang in there ;)


Hope your knee is better and the computer issues have been sorted. Gosh, this hibiscus is pretty. I always love the way you use light in your images. The ladyslipper orchid a couple of posts back is amazing too. I eyed some ladyslippers online, but couldn't bring myself to pay $85 for a plant that is known to be difficult. Yours is a beauty!


So sorry to hear about your knee! The hibiscus is beautiful -- the color and texture remind me of an apple blossom.

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