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February 04, 2014


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Hi Kathleen. Oh how gorgeous! I love the colors so much. I miss those big beautiful blooms that they give. You will never guess that I bought a new Amaryllis bulb this winter and even it would not bloom for me. LOL! I have to laugh about my curse of the amaryllis bulbs not blooming. I think it is time to just go for something else and give upon on them all together. Stay warm and safe and I hope your winter goes fast. I am so over it. LOL! Hugs.


So beautiful! I have not forced any bulbs since I grew paperwhites one year and every day DH commented how much he hated the fragrance. lol I actually liked it! I should follow your lead and try to force some bulbs. Hyacinth seems like a safe bet... they smell so wonderful when I pass them in the grocery store. And amaryllis of course!


Oh my gosh - that is stunning! I was so happy to see a new post when I checked tonight! Hope to see you soon.

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