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August 20, 2013


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Yes, definitely worth repeating. It's a lovely idea! Taking notes ...


very creative, I like it.


gorgeous birdcage & I've never seen prettier petunias!


So beautiful Kathleen!


It doesn't surprise me about the wheelbarrow being so popular on Pinterest at all-I think I have that picture pinned. It is so pretty the way you have planted and photographed it. Have you tried out the latest way to waste time on the computer- Hometalk? Here is a link:
I resisted until this week and then decided to give it a go. It is more interactive than Pinterest and also limited to home/garden.
The birdcage planter is adorable by the way. I am sure it has been pinned lots of times already.


Wow, now I'm thinking that I need a birdcage in my garden. It looks incredible! I do have a houseplant in a birdcage, and of course it puzzled my son. "Is your houseplant so wild that it needs to be in a cage?" He always makes me laugh!

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