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May 19, 2013


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Northern Shade

'Dalmation Peach' has a beautifully delicate colouring, from the deeper peach base to the pale edge, and of course those foxglove speckles.

Your double flowering almond is gorgeous. I get to enjoy one second hand, as my neighbour's one hangs over the fence.


Wow Kathleen - love the pinks! That Foxglove is stunning! Beautiful photos as always.

Nan's Nappies

So glad to see you aren't covered in snow anymore! That Foxglove is GORGEOUS!


Oh I just love that Foxglove Kathleen, Such a beautiful color and markings. I will be looking for seeds now. LOL! The Flowering Almond is a beauty also.

Grace Peterson

Beautiful! I am more partial to your pretty foxglove than the native magenta ones that bloom around here. It's not that I dislike to color, I just like yours better. I hope it survives the winter. The flowering almond is delicious and that petunia is a marvel. Don't you love this time of year?


Oh, yes, I am definitely drooling! We like a lot of the same plants--not surprising, really. :) Enjoy!


I can see why you like the foxglove. It is really really pretty. As I understand it, foxgloves are biennial so I don't think it will come back next year. If you let it go to seed though, its progeny just might. Double flowering almonds don't bloom for an extended time, but the few days it does bloom are well worth it, aren't they?

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