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November 16, 2012


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Northern Shade

I like the idea of using pipe insulation for a relatively quick and neat job. It should be easy to remove in spring as well. Good luck with the overwintering. You should be harvesting even more apples next year as they mature.


Those apples look much prettier than ours! lol I hope the insulation works -- it looks like it should.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

I find it interesting that so many varieties are grafted on one stem. I think the pipe insulation will work. Watch that the freezing and thawing doesn't create moisture inside the insulation.


Gosh, I hope it works. Those Apples look delish! We had three Apple trees at our old house, and I miss them so much! I would think Miss Kim would be fine. I believe that's the variety I have--two of them--and they've survived brutal, windy winters for decades. Good luck!


I didn't know you had an espaliered apple and would love to know where you got it! Love the pipe insulation!

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