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July 07, 2012


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So glad for you that you got some rain! And that your baby is feeling better.

Great captures of the orioles. They are gorgeous.

What is the vine with the purple flowers?


Wow - how amazing to get to watch the orioles! Great photos as always. And so happy to see Butter looking well - he's such a beautiful boy! I'm thankful for all the rain we are finally getting and I know you are too. Hope we can get together soon now that Butter is getting back to normal.


Kathleen girl !
My goodness what happened to your little furry baby ?
We love watching the birds too .. just quietly sitting on the deck watching their antics sway from funny to intelligent .. they can be quite amazing !
Yes .. the passion flower is not a hardy one and I have posted pictures a while back .. I will send you some .. it has twined up a large obelisk I have in a large pot .. so far so good!
This heat and drought is horrible though .. we hope for a good drenching rain but only a few light showers have happened .. we can always keep wishing though ? LOL
PS Beautiful pictures !

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Know you enjoyed the rain. We don't have that oriole here, what a pretty bird. I love watching the birds a lot too. Right now there is a hummingbird sitting, guarding the feeders....claiming them as his own!


Oh gosh, we hear about orioles around here but I have yet to see one although we do keep a feeder.
That pup, precious.

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