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May 13, 2012


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Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Yum, fresh strawberries! Are your two Clematis the same pruning group of Clematis? I put Jackamanii and The President, thinking it would be great to have constant blooms on the trellis. Silly me, they were different didn't do well. Your Josephine is BEAUTIFUL.


They're all so pretty, Kathleen! I'm salivating thinking about those fresh tomatoes!


Beautiful photography! Would love to touch base! I came across some old pics of Janae, Alex, and Max...Sweet memories! Alex is graduating...Please email me...


What a beautiful post, Kathleen, in both prose and photos. I love that these plants are "blooming where they're planted." :) I have a 'Josephine' too. She's planted on one side of an arbor and 'Niobe' (dark red) is on the other. Your strawberries are WAY ahead of mine.

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