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April 13, 2012


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Beautiful. The world needs more tulips, or at least my yard does!


Wow Kathleen! You sure picked out a lot of beautiful tulips. I love them all but the Gudoshnik is so gorgeous.The almond looks like rose blooms. So lovely. The Sensual Touch blooms have so many wonderful colors in them. You did good. LOL!


Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! You are so talented Kathleen!


What a gorgeous showcase of beautiful tulips!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Doubles and fringy tulips are gorgeous!!! Love your photos (as always!) And yes, there is always room for more flowering almonds!


Those doubles are amazing, I'm sure I haven't seen ones like that here in the Uk although I have avoided doubles as I worry that the flowers will be do heavy and keel over. I may just have to give some a go next Autumn


All I can say is "beautiful"! Tulips are one of my favorite spring openers. Thanks for the wonderful pictures too.


You're going to have to rethink that title! You're at the top of my list, for sure. My gosh, you have a fantastic collection of Tulips! Can I come over and drool over them? And I'm so happy you're pleased with your Flowering Almond. They are sweet, aren't they?!


'Indian Summer' is the most exquisite color. I must have that one. You are so not the worst blogger. We all have times when we don't have time.


Hi Kathleen, Your pins are all inspirational and so you need not ask for my pardon for being missing in action on the blog front! I love all your watering cans and birdcages pins. I have collections of both things in my house. The storefronts are awesome too.
The flowering almond looks super paired with your pink tulips. I love the 'Sensual Touch' with the fringed edge. Next fall, I definitely plan on adding more of the double tulips that I have been admiring on all the blogs.


I think I'm off to order Indian Summer - too pretty!


Lots of people are reading still-just look at all these comments! I think your tulips are beautiful. I can just imagine your garden full of them.

P.S. After the dogs dug up my Culver's root you sent me I thought it was a goner but I think it is coming back. I'm taking a wait and see attitude but I am SO in its corner! All my garden friends are envious I have some and when I tell them where I got it from, well, then they are just beside themselves. Thanks again!


I think we could vie for that title! I have been lax in posting too but there is inspiration now that spring has finally sprung (even if it is a wet, cloudy one here). Your photos are wonderful. I love the Flowering Almond behind the Chief. I wish I had room in my garden for it. Your tulips are all amazing. I bet you're so glad now that you took the time to get them all planted. Great post.

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