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April 19, 2012


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Gardening Birmingham

Some really lovely images. Virginia Bluebells are adorable, ive never seen them before.


Kathleen girl it has been too long since I have been here .. I get so distracted with so many little things it is ADD for sure ! LOL
Your tulips are absolutely stunning! .. mine are a bit slower because of our weird weather and the fact it is so dry .. no snow most of the winter and no Spring rains .. I dread summer!
YES ! I am blown away with helleborus Niger! I never expected it to be such a beauty .. I am loving it and I am a nut for collecting them .. no room soon so I have to stop some time? haha


A few enlargements of those beds and the grass is all gone. LOL! It looks beautiful Kathleen. I am in love with your Sensual Touch tulips. They are gorgeous.


Kathleen, I love your tulip shots and thank you for sharing photos of the yew path! I love it! Happy Spring dear! gail

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