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February 05, 2012


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Every time I see one of your Amaryllis, I vow to grow one next year, or maybe I need to start one now, or maybe learn more about them before I start.


Beautiful, Kathleen! Yes, indeed the days are getting longer now, and I agree the new life outside is palpable. Nothing blooming yet, but it can't be too long. :)


Such a beautiful blushing bride! I am starting to think that spring may indeed be here ahead of schedule. Here's hoping anyway!


Gorgeous details and light. Your Amaryllis is stunning!


Hi Kathleen! I am also waiting for spring to come ASAP. Athough, I was glad to see some snow in January. Your Amaryllis is lovely! As always, your pictures are great! My amaryllises are late this year. One got a bud only recently, and others have only leaves. As for the Pinterest, I signed up, but didn't even start it, because with it, I'll spend even more time on-line. But, I saw hundreds of my photographs all over Pinterest and I don't know is it good or bad.

 Sample Letters

Thanks for this lovely, eye catchy flowers.

Jaane Wood

I wonder how you felt about the violet tubeflower; I was so disappointed with mine. It reached 4-5 feet, in a lovely urn, but did not bloom until late fall and then poorly.

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